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Please join us for a free virtual event focusing on how healthcare & life science organizations are accelerating research, rethinking patient care, and maintaining clinical and operational continuity during this unprecedented time for the global health system. Hear how organizations are using technology to increase the pace of innovation, accelerate development timelines, engage with patients, and ultimately improve outcomes.

Keynote address

"Accelerating global COVID-19 response: from outbreak prediction to vaccine protection"

Dr. Shez Partovi
Shez Partovi, MD
Director Healthcare, Life Sciences, Genomics
Cloud technology to support global health crisis response.
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan
MD, MPH- Founder & CEO
Using machine learning to mitigate risks from emerging infectious diseases.
Maria Dunford
Maria Chatzou Dunford
PhD- CEO & Founder
Powering Genomics England’s research environment and the UK Government’s COVID-19 research response.
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen
Identifying a potential drug candidate for human clinical trials in under 4 months.
Mike Hogarth
Mike Hogarth
MD- Clinical Research Information Officer
UC San Diego Health
Enabling agility in COVID-19 clinical and imaging research.
Ali Parsa
Ali Parsa
PhD- Founder & CEO
Babylon Health
Rethinking patient engagement with a digital COVID-19 care assistant.
Stephan Bancel
Stephane Bancel
Moderna Inc.
The race for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Breakout sessions

  • Healthcare Business Track

    Learn from industry leaders how they are using cloud technology to unlock the potential of healthcare data, improve clinical and operational efficiency, and enable closer digital relationships with patients and consumers.

    Accelerating Healthcare Transformation
    Presented by Wilson To, Worldwide Head of Business- Healthcare


    Partnering to Reach the Most Vulnerable – Covid Crisis Management Through Technology
    Presented by Amanda Parsons, MD, MBA, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, MetroPlus Health Plan  


    Enabling a Real-Time Health System with ML and AI
    Presented by Lisa Gulker, DNP RN ACNP-BC, Senior Director, Real Time Health System


    GE Healthcare Analytics and Al Strategy & Futures
    Presented by Lino Ramirez, Sr. Product Manager, AI Services

    GE Healthcare

    Innovating Go-To-Market Approaches for Healthcare with AWS Marketplace
    Presented by Gautam Shah, “G”, VP Platform and Marketplace

    Change Healthcare

    AI=ROI - Real World Deployments of AI and Predictive Analytics Driving Tangible ROI in Healthcare Today
    Presented by Carol McCall, FSA, MPH, Chief Health Analytics Officer


    Unlocking Precision Medicine in the Cloud: The Secret to Saving Billions and Personalizing Care TODAY
    Presented by Erin Monteverdi, Executive Director, Quest Information Ventures
    and Zach Berg, Partner Engagement Director, hc1

    Quest Diagnostics & hc1

    Cloud-based Laboratory Informatics Speed Healthcare Innovation
    Presented by Carol Ross, Global Product Manager, Clinical Informatics, Beckman Coulter Inc.
    and Douglas D. Mueller, Lab Director, Mason District Hospital

    Beckman Coulter & Mason District Hospital

    Technology for a Resilient Future: Saving Healthcare Systems and the Economy
    Presented by Dan Vahdat, Founder and CEO


    6 Ways AI for Hospital Operations Can Drive Success During Covid and the Next Normal
    Presented by Greg Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer


    Healthcare Interoperability Land
    Presented by Mary Kratz, EVP, Interoperability Institute

    MiHIN Interoperability Institute

    Genomics-driven care in 2020 and beyond
    Presented by Einat Metzer, CEO
    and Shira Rockowitz, Bioinformatics Lead Boston Children's Hospital

    Emedgene & Boston Children’s Hospital

    Transforming Healthcare: Leveraging Data and Technology to Realize the Full Promise of Virtual Care
    Presented by Bronwyn Spira, CEO

    FORCE Therapeutics

    Leveraging RNA and Machine Learning to Bridge the Precision Medicine Gap
    Presented by Natalie LaFranzo, VP Market Development

    Cofactor Genomics
  • Healthcare Technology Track

    Learn from industry leaders how they are incorporating new technology such as scalable storage, data lakes, and machine learning to unlock the potential of healthcare data, improve clinical and operational efficiency, and enable closer digital relationships with patients and consumers.

    Technical Keynote: Pushing the Boundaries of Technology in Healthcare
    Presented by Sam Coker, Worldwide Technical Lead, Healthcare


    For Telehealth, There's no Time for Downtime and OTN's Journey to the Cloud
    Presented by Alex Reidiboim, Head Architect, Ontario Telemedicine Network division of Ontario Health

    Ontario Telehealth Network (OTN)

    Using Applied Health Signals to Deliver a Personalized Healthcare Experience
    Presented by Anmol Madan, Chief Data Officer 


    Clairvoyance: Providing Actionable Data to Radiologists and Radiology Groups on Reading Efficiency
    Presented by Jonathan Robinson, Senior Innovation Product Manager

    Intelerad Medical Systems

    Taking Platform as a Service to the Next Level for Healthcare with CPaaS on AWS
    Presented by Vickie LeRoux, SVP, Healthcare & Infor & Healthcare Line of Business at Velocity Technology Solutions
    and Al Calabrese, Director, Healthcare & Infor Operations at Velocity Technology Solutions

    Velocity Technology Solutions

    Accelerating Insights from Unstructured Data, Cloud Capabilities to Support Healthcare
    Presented by Arun Ravi, Sr. Product Manager, Amazon Comprehend
    and Amit Shah, Principal, Pariveda Solutions

    AWS & Pariveda

    The Future of Mission-Critical Cloud Mobile Ecosystems
    Presented by Bryan Beaver - Director of Clinical Technology, Halo Health
    and Amanda Nash - Director of Information and Analytics services, Atrium Health

    Halo Health & Atrium Health

    Improving Outcomes through Computational Genomics
    Presented by Grant Lammi, Cloud Development Manager, Institute for Genomic Medicine

    Nationwide Children's Hospital

    Enabling Rapid Deployment of Clinical Research
    Presented by Andrew Greaves, Enterprise Cloud Architect, UCSD

    University of California - San Diego (UCSD)

    Cloud-Native Healthcare Data Interoperability & COVID-19: Solving Next-Gen Challenges with Next-Gen Solutions
    Presented by Gerry Miller, Founder & CEO

  • Life Sciences Business Track

    Learn from industry leaders how they are accelerating early phase research, virtualizing clinical trials, and using big data to improve the development of, and access to, therapeutics.

    Transforming the Life Sciences Value Chain
    Presented by Todd Neuville, Worldwide Head of Business- Life Sciences


    Building Pfizer’s Scientific Data Cloud on AWS
    Presented by Vijay K. Bulusu, Head of Data & Digital Innovation


    Making Research FAIR: Solving the Silos of Data at Lilly Research Labs
    Presented by Adam West, Director of Discovery Informatics

    Eli Lilly

    Uncovering Possible COVID-19 Treatments Using the BenevolentAI Knowledge Graph
    Presented by Olly Oechsle, Lead Applications Engineer


    How AI can empower life sciences
    Presented by Jason Connor, Associate Director

    Babylon Health

    The Next Digital Transformation of Life Sciences R&D
    Presented by Rashi Takkar, Product Marketing Manager


    Conquer Regulatory Compliance and Data Challenges to Deliver Deeper Insights for Research
    Presented by Fred Lee, Business Development Lead for AWS Data Exchange
    and Tim Suther, SVP Data Solutions, Change Healthcare  

    AWS & Change Healthcare

    Using Technology to Develop Digital Biomarkers and Improve the Efficiency of Clinical Trials
    Presented by Brian Johnson- Director, Applied Innovation & Process Improvement


    Digitizing Clinical Research with Scalable and Patient-Centric Cloud Technology
    Presented by Bruce Hellman, CEO and Co-Founder


    Increasing Efficiency in Clinical Development with End-to-end, Patient-Centric Trials
    Presented by Joe Zaccaria, Director Client Growth


    The Future of Clinical Trials is Now: How can Digital Transformation Enable More Seamless Recruitment, Increase Patient Engagement, and Improve Adherence and Outcomes?
    Presented by Chris Zant- Chief Digital Officer, ConvergeHEALTH;
    Dawn Anderson- Managing Director;
    and Ryan Hoffmeister- Chief Operating Officer, ConvergeHEALTH  

    Deloitte Life Sciences

    How Clinical Trials Acceleration Software Will Drive the Crisis-Robust Trial Sites of the Future
    Wout Brusselaers, CEO and Founder


    Analyzing 500K Samples of Whole-exome Sequencing Data from the UK Biobank
    Presented by David Sexton, Sr. Director Genome Technology & Informatics, Biogen
    and Frank Austin Nothaft, Technical Director, databricks

    Biogen & databricks

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go…with 1 Billion Regressions in an Hour: Unlocking the Promise of the UK BioBank
    Presented by Alex Poliakov, V.P. Customer Solutions, Paradigm4
    and Greg Hinkle,V.P Research Informatics, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

    Paradigm4 & Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

    Lemurs, Squirrels, and Bears: Animal Genomics to Treat Human Disease
    Presented by Linda Goodman, Chief Technology Officer & CoFounder

    Fauna Bio
  • Life Sciences Technology Track

    Learn from industry leaders how they are incorporating technology such as data lakes, AI and machine learning to help accelerate research, digitize clinical trials, and advance precision medicine.

    Technical Keynote: Pushing the Boundaries of Technology in Life Sciences
    Presented by Patrick Combes, Worldwide Technical Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences


    Lifebit & AWS: Powering Genomics England's Groundbreaking New Research
    Thorben Seeger, VP Commercial
    and Filippo Abbondanza, Bioinformatic Solution Architect


    Seeing Is Believing: Tools to aid in High Content Screening Image Analysis and Visualization Workflows at Scale
    Presented by Yanxia Liu, Associate Director
    and Nick Whalen, Architect, Cloud Engineering

    Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)

    Accelerate Drug Development Through Machine Learning Image Classification
    Presented by Geoffrey Kinnel, Lead, IT Business Partner, Drug Product Development  

    Bristol Myers Squibb

    Curing Brain Diseases Using Humanity's Best Science
    Presented by Doug Flanzer, CTO


    Alexa Enabled Research Equipment for Labs of the Future
    Presented by Hardeep Sangha, Sr. Software Manager;
    Roland LeFranc, Alexa Solution Architect, Amazon;
    and Sean Baumann, VP IT Applications & Connectivity, ThermoFisher Scientific

    ThermoFisher & Amazon Alexa

    Unifying R&D Data in the Cloud: Making biopharma R&D data truly accessible and actionable
    Presented by Punya Biswal, CTO and Rachel Daricek, Vice President of Marketing


    Powering AI Advancements in Genetics and Precision Medicine
    Presented by Kevin Haas, SVP of Technology

    Myriad Genetics

    Data integrations on AWS - Leveraging Amazon AppFlow to transfer data between SaaS applications and AWS services
    Presented by Venkatesh Krishnan, Product Lead for Amazon AppFlow


    Implementing Digital Sensor and Wearable Devices in Clinical Trials: How Pfizer Leverages AWS to Enhance Clinical and Sensor’s Big Data Management
    Presented by Gregoire Versmee, Associate Director of Medical Informatics


    Building AI to Understand Patient Behavior
    Presented by Lei Guan, CTO


Who should attend


Focused on business leaders, technology leaders, and executives looking for innovative ideas based on proven technologies that solve industry challenges. Ideal for CxO, Founders, Business Executives, IT Executives.


Focused on technology professionals, who desire to increase the value they bring to their organizations, through incorporation of new technology around big data, cloud computing, data lakes, and machine learning. Ideal for IT professionals, IT managers, engineers, and researchers.