BeeLiked is an engagement marketing platform that provides brands with a wide variety of contest and game software to engage their online audience, generate leads and drive sales.

“When Dan Brown’s publishers, Doubleday, approached us to power a contest for his new novel Origin, we realized we needed to create something special. We came up with the concept of the world’s first virtual book signing where, having voted on their book cover design, entrants would receive a personalized video. Not only do they see Dan Brown write them a personal message, they are welcomed into his house by name as well. We chose Amazon Polly to power the voice in the personalized video due to the ease of integration, the speed at which the voice file can be created, and the quality of the voices available. We required a British voiceover and selected Brian.”

– Damien Dutton, CEO and Founder, BeeLiked 


"In a world of innovative apps and clever technology, people sometimes forget there are many individuals who are excluded from the digital world for social, economic or health reasons. As a trusted partner of the NHS, we rely on Amazon Polly to do all the synthesized speech for our automated telephone calls. Individuals can answer questions and provide information using the telephone’s keypad. Amazon Polly helps us make sure these people are being cared for."

– Mike Wray, Senior Software Architect, Inhealthcare

“Our goal on the Amazon Rapids team is to help kids age 7 – 12 discover the fun of reading, as well as increase their reading confidence. Amazon’s Polly technology is exciting for us because it allows kids to see and hear the text at the same time, which can help improve word recognition."

Michael Robinson – Director, Consumer Products, Amazon Education


"Amazon Polly has enabled Storybulbs to add another dimension to our video personalization platform. Now our users not only view relevant and engaging video content, but they also hear the voiceover speaking directly to them. Speech personalization was the most requested feature by our customers and AWS Polly accelerated our ability to deliver this enhanced user experience."

– Greg Clark, CEO and Founder, Storybulbs


"At Aculab, our prime objective is to make it easier for people to add telephony or use telephony to aid their business workflows. By adding Amazon PollyText-to-Speech to the Aculab platforms, we have given our customers even more choice and flexibility, along with extremely high quality, natural sounding voices. Furthermore, it has enabled us to make business automation viable and affordable to both enterprises and SMBs."

– David Samuel, Managing Director and CEO, Aculab


"Aloud enables publishers to turn existing content into audio and monetize it. Polly gives us speed, quality and amazing phonemes customization options. Its true-to-life audio allowed us to switch from voice actors to a full programmatic solution at a fraction of the cost. As an added benefit the audio ingestion process now occurs in real time so users can listen to stories as they happen, not hours or days later.”

– Pierre Bonnais, CEO & Founder, Aloud


"Our Mapbox Navigation SDK offers a complete turn-by-turn navigation solution that you can easily add to your iOS or Android application, and having clear, well-understood voice guidance is critical to the user experience. Therefore, we’re excited to offer natural-sounding pronunciation with highly intelligible and pleasant voices in our users’ most widely used languages with Amazon Polly’s Text-to-Speech service."

– Paul Veugen, VP of Mobile, Mapbox.


“As the leading translation and dictionary app, it is our mission at iTranslate to provide our users with the best possible tools to read, write, and speak in all languages across the globe. Amazon Polly provides us with the ability to efficiently produce and use high quality, natural sounding synthesized speech.”

– Alexander Marktl, CEO, iTranslate


“I can't think of many use cases where accurate pronunciation is more important than when you're learning a new language. We have found that the Amazon Polly voices are not just high in quality, but are as good as natural human speech for teaching a language.”

– Severin Hacker, CTO, Duolingo


“Amazon Polly gives GoAnimate users the ability to immediately give voice to the characters they animate using our platform. This is especially helpful in scenarios where live voice-over is either resource or time prohibitive, such as when developing a video in many languages or within pre-production to speed the approval process. The speech is integrated seamlessly with our rich set of pre-animated assets, which reinforces GoAnimate’s ease-of-use and affords our customers both efficiency and speed to market.”

– Alvin Hung, CEO and founder, GoAnimate


“We strive to make the cloud-driven classroom more engaging and effective for everyone, including users with reading and writing disabilities. Amazon Polly enhances our learning platform by integrating high-quality Text-to-Speech voices with our suite of AppWriter products.”

– Stefan Pal, COO, Wizkids


“We have a long relationship with Amazon’s Text-to-Speech technology and currently use it to create and distribute accessible information in the form of synthesized audio content for our many B2B and B2C customers, including utility companies, financial institutions, and media companies, as well as other customer-facing material such as magazines and publications. With the announcement of Amazon Polly, we’re excited about the ability to provide an even better experience to these customers by delivering incredibly lifelike voices that will captivate and engage our audience.”

– John Worsfold, Solutions Implementation Manager, Royal National Institute of Blind People