AWS Responsible AI Policy

Last Updated: September 28, 2023

This AWS Responsible AI Policy (“Policy”) applies to your use of artificial intelligence and machine learning Services, features, and functionality (including third-party models) that we provide (collectively, “AI/ML Services”). This Policy supplements the AWS Acceptable Use Policy and AWS Service Terms.

Prohibitions. You may not use, or facilitate or allow others to use, the AI/ML Services:

  • for intentional disinformation or deception; 
  • to violate the privacy rights of others, including unlawful tracking, monitoring, and identification; 
  • to depict a person’s voice or likeness without their consent or other appropriate rights, including unauthorized impersonation and non-consensual sexual imagery; 
  • for harm or abuse of a minor, including grooming and child sexual exploitation;
  • to harass, harm, or encourage the harm of individuals or specific groups; 
  • to intentionally circumvent safety filters and functionality or prompt models to act in a manner that violates our Policies;
  • to perform a lethal function in a weapon without human authorization or control.

Responsible AI Requirements. If you use the AI/ML Services to make consequential decisions, you must evaluate the potential risks of your use case and implement appropriate human oversight, testing, and other use case-specific safeguards to mitigate such risks. Consequential decisions include those impacting a person’s fundamental rights, health, or safety (e.g., medical diagnosis, judicial proceedings, access to critical benefits like housing or government benefits, opportunities like education, decisions to hire or terminate employees, or access to lending/credit, and providing legal, financial, or medical advice). You agree to provide information about your intended uses of the AI/ML Services and compliance with this Policy upon request.

You and your end users are responsible for all decisions made, advice given, actions taken, and failures to take action based on your use of AI/ML Services. AI/ML Services use machine learning models that generate predictions based on patterns in data. Output generated by a machine learning model is probabilistic, and generative AI may produce inaccurate or inappropriate content. Outputs should be evaluated for accuracy and appropriateness for your use case.

AWS may investigate and enforce violations of this Policy as noted in the AWS Acceptable Use Policy. AWS is committed to developing safe, fair, and accurate AI and ML services and providing you with tools and guidance to assist you in building and using AI and ML applications responsibly, see our Responsible Use of AI and ML page for additional tools and resources.