AWS Migration Competency Partners

Helping transform applications while moving to AWS to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security

Enterprises migrating to AWS require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Many organizations can accelerate their migration and time to results with AWS Partners.

The AWS Competency Partner Program is designed to identify, validate, and promote AWS Partners with demonstrated AWS technical expertise and proven customer success. The AWS Competency Partner Program has validated that the partners below have demonstrated they can help enterprise customers migrate applications and legacy infrastructure to AWS.

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AWS Migration Services Category

Migration Services

AWS Partners with Migration Competency accelerate customer cloud adoption journey by providing business expertise, migration and modernization tools, education, and support to customers in the form of professional services.

AWS Migration and Modernization Software Categories

Discovery, Planning, and Recommendation

Discover your application portfolio, identify dependencies, requirements, and build a comprehensive migration plan aligned with the seven common migration strategies (7 Rs).

Business Case Analysis

These solutions provide business case and total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis for running customer workloads. They also simulate different migration and modernization approaches.

Application Mobility

These solutions execute application migration and modernization to AWS by capturing your host server, configuration, storage, network state, application language, and frameworks. This is followed by provisioning, configuring, refactoring, and automatically converting application code from one language to another depending on chosen migration and modernization approach.

Data Mobility

Data mobility tools helps you effectively transfer data sets and databases from multiple sources into target AWS resources.

Application Monitoring and Orchestration

Gain valuable insights into your applications by capturing and analyzing performance data, usage, and monitoring dependencies before and after migration. This ensures that applications are performing as well and or better after migrating to AWS.

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