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Learn how top APN Partners are helping their customers innovate on AWS to transform and modernize solutions for Retail

About AWS Retail Competency Partners

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Footasylum Personalizes Marketing and Achieves 8,400% Return on Ad Spend by Using Peak AI on AWS

AWS Retail Competency Partners provide innovative technology offerings that accelerate retailers’ modernization and innovation across all areas in the enterprise. These include customer engagement, supply chain and distribution, physical, digital, and virtual stores, advanced retail data science, core retail business applications, finance, and IT.

As members of the AWS Partner Network (APN), these APN Partners have been validated for their demonstrated technical proficiency and proven retail customer success in one or more of the specialized areas.

AWS Retail Competency Partner Stories

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L'Occitane used Contentsquare SaaS to map all user checkout journeys, beginning at the shopping bag page. Contentsquare helped L'Occitane visualize where visitors dropped off, enabling the retailer to make data-driven UX improvements to increase conversion rates.


Footasylum uses the Peak AI System to provide predictive analytics and prescriptive guidance for targeting specific groups of customers to achieve higher revenues. By leveraging Peak AI, Footasylum unified its customer data and created personalized marketing campaigns.


Franklin Planner worked with Pivotree to improve website scalability and reduce costs by 40% with Oracle Commerce on AWS.

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Stylight worked with Cloudinary to develop a cloud solution that could quickly manage, host, and serve millions of product images a month. With Cloudinary's solution, Stylight can stand up new stores in just two hours, while also increasing conversion rates and revenue per visit.

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Home & Shopping worked with Singular to scale its shopper acquisition and engagement efforts. The marketing intelligence solution helped Home & Shopping achieve a 73% increase in quarter-over-quarter ROI, reduce ad fraud, and better analyze its marketing performance.

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Pacific Market International (PMI) worked with Amperity to consolidate over 10 disparate data sources and feeds to provide PMI with a single view of the customer, enabling delivery of personalized communications and 7x the previous conversion rate.

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FARM Rio sought to create an omnichannel, differentiated customer experience not just for in-store, but for online customers. The retailer worked with VTEX to create a solution that reduced delivery times, increased customer satisfaction, and grew revenue, especially for online sales during Black Friday.

AWS Retail Competency Partners enable retailers to accelerate their digital transformation across the entire enterprise, including marketing, merchandising, supply chain, store operations, finance, and IT. Explore our featured AWS Retail Competency Partner solutions below. To see all AWS Retail Competency Consulting and Technology Partners, click here


Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers messaging experiences across push, email, apps, and more. It’s set apart as the platform that allows real-time and continuous data streaming, making marketing more authentic, brands more human, and customers more satisfied with every experience.


The Cloudinary dynamic media platform enables e-commerce websites and mobile apps to deliver better-performing images, videos, and rich media. Personalized shopping experiences result in enhanced customer engagement, faster time-to-market, and higher conversions.


Contentful, built on AWS, enables enterprises to drive online sales by empowering retailers to efficiently manage content across multiple channels. Contentful makes content scale with the flexibility and extensibility required for agile ecommerce.


Epsagon helps retailers understand exactly what is happening in their applications and how customers are interacting with their digital storefronts with end-to-end observability.


Fractal Analytics helps power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics and AI to the decision-making process. Its Fractal Analytics Trial Run is a SaaS product that lets companies run low cost and low risk business experiments on sites and markets then receive statistical evidence on whether the idea will be successful and to what extent.


Infor CloudSuite Retail’s industry-specific functionality is purpose-built for the retail industry, and is already providing the tools for more than 2,500 grocery, fashion, and specialty retailers to future-proof their enterprises around the globe.

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New Relic’s platform helps eCommerce site operators reduce risk of unexpected downtime, manage and prepare for bursting traffic, and deliver insights to online visitors’ true experience when shopping online.


Peak AI enables customers to connect the entire customer journey by optimizing every touchpoint with Artificial Intelligence.


For over a decade, well-known retailers have trusted Pivotree’s services to deliver a seamless omnichannel ecommerce experience.


Rigado provides secure edge connectivity and computing solutions to deliver real-time data from retail environments to AWS IoT services. This allows retailers and solution providers to significantly reduce the cost and complexity of IoT deployment.

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Singular empowers businesses to drive growth with unified marketing data, intelligent insights, and automation.


Ultra Commerce delivers enterprise-grade features and capabilities, reducing administrative overheads and eliminating unplanned downtime. It helps organizations reach their digital commerce investment potential using the least time, upfront cost, and risk.

AWS Retail - Ready to Lead

Customers are making critical choices at every turn. Retailers can lead by being prepared to guide those decisions, but it requires a purpose-built technology foundation. AWS uniquely offers that to retailers – a head start 20 years in the making.

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