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Where mission outcomes and technology come together for impact

Presented by Amazon Web Services (AWS), IMAGINE: Nonprofit Online is a no-cost event that brings together nonprofit leaders, technologists, and innovators to discuss how technology can help drive a positive impact for both people and our planet. This virtual event combines thought leadership and mission-specific case studies to create an educational, collaborative, and inspirational experience you won't want to miss. Nonprofit leaders deliver lightning talks where they share their journeys in taking technology-centric approaches to solve for big challenges and explain how they've achieved their desired outcomes.

What to expect

Hear from AWS leaders
Hear from AWS leaders
Six lightning talks featuring a variety of mission-based nonprofits
Six lightning talks
Two fireside chats
Two fireside chats
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Welcome address

Delivered by: Dave Levy, Vice President, Nonprofit and US Government, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Nonprofits serve on the front lines of our world’s most challenging issues—including the extraordinary charge of uplifting people and protecting our planet. Dave speaks to why it’s important for us to convene, share our stories, and collaborate now more than ever.

  • Program transformation and efficient execution with simple, digital tools

    With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions living throughout the U.S. lost their jobs and faced considerable financial challenges. Chris Ticknor will share how Orange County United Way took action to digitize a manual intake process to not only relieve their inundated call center, but, critically, to enable community members on the brink of homelessness to quickly apply for and receive financial assistance. Join to hear about the impact made by leveraging this technology, including how they have streamlined donor reporting and their plans to utilize it to tackle new challenges. This talk will inspire you to transform manual processes with simple, digital tools you can deploy quickly and flexibly to meet the evolving needs of your mission and communities.

    Speaker: Chris Ticknor, Chief Transformation Officer, Orange County United Way

  • Peer to peer communication and resilient communities

    In an age of increasing disasters, it is more critical than ever to build up community resilience particularly for vulnerable populations. The AtmaGo app was developed to enable social connectedness, recognizing that communication is often a lifesaving tool. Meena will share the vision that drove the development of the mobile application, how it has evolved to be responsive to community needs, and how this technology has helped amplify the ingeniousness of people in these communities. She will also detail how they responded to the global pandemic to ensure the communications needed to drive behavior change reached the last mile. This talk will help highlight effective approaches in leveraging technology to help communities rise together.

    Speaker: Meena Palaniappan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Atma Connect

  • Advancing conservation through digital transformation

    The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive. Effective conservation science and planning has formed the foundation of the organization’s strategies, in large part by leveraging geospatial technology—the combination of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, and machine learning. Zach Ferdaña will share how their approach to centralizing geospatial data and working across a federated, cloud-based information system help drive conservation actions. Join to learn how they are undergoing an enterprise cloud migration, how it is helping them capitalize on their data investments, and the ways these insights are evolving how they do their work on the ground. This talk will help you ideate on how to breakdown information silos in your organization, approaches to setting up systems for success, and embarking on an enterprise-wide digital transformation initiative.

    Speaker: Zach Ferdaña, Geospatial Information Officer, The Nature Conservancy

  • Emerging technologies for social impact: How digital identity is driving financial inclusion

    Kiva’s mission is to enable a financially inclusive world where all people hold the power to improve their lives. Today, more than one billion adults are excluded from the formal financial sector, blocking their ability to access basic financial services and forcing communities to operate in cash-only economies. Matthew Davie shares Kiva’s experiences developing and deploying blockchain technologies to address one of the systemic barriers to financial inclusion: lack of verifiable identity. Learn how your organization can find mission-aligned opportunities to address complex problems at scale.

    Speaker: Matthew Davie, Chief Strategy Officer, Kiva

  • High tech solutions in low tech environments

    Viamo envisions a world where all people have access to the information they need to make decisions for healthy, prosperous lives and have meaningful relationships with governments, civil society, and businesses. Mark Boots will share how they are leveraging technology to ensure the information age reaches all people and that individuals have a voice in how development programs can best impact their communities. Join to hear stories of impact as well as how their digital communication strategy proved to be a crucial tool in educating communities with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. This talk will help you ideate on the way in which your organization can turn this challenging moment into an opportunity to develop new approaches to mission delivery in a virtual world.

    Speaker: Mark Boots, Chief Technology Officer, Viamo

  • Innovating to help cure a rare disease

    EB Research Partnership (EBRP) is the largest nonprofit focused on funding research aimed at treating and ultimately curing Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a group of devastating and life-threatening skin disorders that affect children from birth. In the ten years since its founding, EBRP has funded 80 research projects, united a global consortium of 21 academic medical centers of excellence, raised $40 million, and established the leading venture philanthropy model to create a sustainable investment portfolio. In this fireside chat, EBRP will share the factors that contributed to meaningful progress towards finding a cure. Joined by AWS Vice President Dave Levy, EBRP CEO Michael Hund and founding board member Jill Vedder will share insights into their journey. Join to learn how they are innovating with technology, the philosophy behind their unique funding model, and their bold vision for a world without EB.

    Speakers: Michael Hund, Chief Executive Officer, EBRP, and Jill Vedder, Founder and Vice Chairman, EBRP

  • Taking action: Women of color in tech

    Join us for our closing session featuring Werner Vogels, chief technology officer of Amazon, and Kimberly Bryant, founder and chief executive officer of Black Girls CODE. During this fireside chat, Werner and Kimberly will discuss the importance of awareness, accountability, and action to help grow the number of women of color working in technology. Hear Kimberly Bryant’s vision of harnessing technology to empower young women of color. Black Girls CODE has a mission to increase the number of women of color in the digital space by empowering girls of color ages seven to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology.

    Speakers: Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, Amazon, and Kimberly Bryant, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Black Girls CODE


Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Black Girls CODE 

Kimberly Bryant is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Black Girls CODE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “changing the face of technology” by introducing girls of color (ages 7-17) to the field of technology and computer science with a concentration on entrepreneurial concepts. Kimberly has been nationally recognized as a thought leader for her work to increase opportunities for women and girls in the technology industry. She has received numerous awards for her work with Black Girls CODE. Since 2011 she has helped Black Girls CODE grow from a local grassroots initiative serving only the Bay Area, to an international organization with thirteen chapters across the U.S. and one in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mark Boots

Mark Boots

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Mark Boots is the co-founder and chief technology officer (CTO) at Viamo, a communication platform that connects millions of people in Africa and Asia to life-improving information and the organizations that serve them. Before Viamo, Mark led the development of data collection software for scientific research, while completing a PhD in physics at the University of Saskatchewan. His five-year dream is that kids in rural villages around the world will be limitless in their ability to study, learn, and transact by speaking to their basic mobile phone in their own languages, as effortlessly as we ask Alexa to order more toilet paper today.

Matthew Davie
Matthew Davie
Chief Strategy Officer

Matthew Davie joined Kiva in 2018 to focus on long-term strategic initiatives to help drive systemic financial inclusion for the world’s most vulnerable populations. He oversees corporate strategy, emerging technology development, and policy and regulatory engagements.

Additionally, Matthew is a board member of the Libra Association, a charter member of the Linux Foundation’s Social Impact Working Group, and an advisor to ID2020. Prior to Kiva, Matthew spent over a decade working with multi-national technology companies in the big data, entertainment, and gaming sectors. Matthew earned his BS from the University of California at Davis, and his MS. and PhD from Stanford University.

Zach Ferdaña

Zach Ferdaña

Geospatial Information Officer
The Nature Conservancy 

Zach Ferdana is The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) first Geospatial Information Officer (GIO), leading the organization’s effort in leveraging geographic information systems (GIS) for conservation. Prior to becoming GIO in 2019, Zach was a senior program manager in the Global Oceans unit. He led the design and production of TNC’s first-ever Geospatial Conservation Annual Report and Map Book.

Michael Hund

Michael Hund

Chief Executive Officer
EB Research Partnership

Michael Hund joined EB Research Partnership (EBRP) as the executive director in 2017 and became chief executive officer (CEO) in 2019. Michael previously served as the director of development for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, leading their successful $100 million Curing Cancer Now campaign. The effort drove achievement of the largest longitudinal genomic dataset in cancer, an end-to-end precision medicine model, a 25-member consortium of leading academic medical centers, 10 approved treatments in just over a decade, and the tripling of patient life expectancy.

Dave Levy
Dave Levy
VP, Nonprofits and US Government
Amazon Web Services

Dave Levy leads the Amazon Web Services (AWS) US government, nonprofit, and healthcare businesses. He and his teams help governments, NGOs, nonprofits, and healthcare providers realize the potential of technology to transform their organizations and fulfill their missions. Prior to joining AWS, David worked for Apple Inc.for 12 years and led the teams that helped the government adopt innovative mobile technologies.

Meena Palaniappan

Meena Palaniappan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Atma Connect

Meena Palaniappan has been implementing community-based technology projects in the developing world for nearly two decades. An environmental engineer and technologist, she has launched technology projects in Africa and Asia. She has worked with the Pacific Institute and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) on sustainable community development, pollution prevention, and environmental justice, co-authoring the EDF’s Environmental Sustainability Kit. Now, she serves Atma Connect as chief executive officer.

Chris Ticknor

Chris Ticknor

Chief Transformation Officer
Orange County United Way

Chris Ticknor has a passion for bringing people and technology together to solve complex challenges. Recently, he took a startup-to-acquisition-and-IPO. Sue Parks, chief executive officer of Orang County United Way, approached Chris with an opportunity to transform the organization to meet the needs of an evolving and disrupted non-profit industry. As chief transformation officer, he is building many innovative strategies and technology integrations like the AssistOC application, which has powered the Homelessness Prevention Program.

Jill Vedder
Jill Vedder
Founder and Vice Chairman
EB Research Partnership

Jill Vedder is a founder and vice chairman of EB Research Partnership (EBRP). In her role as vice chairman, she oversees fundraising and serves as a senior adviser on strategic and programmatic direction. Her efforts are demonstrably accelerating progress towards treatment breakthroughs and ultimately a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Jill is a serial philanthropist who is also active with the Vitalogy Foundation.

Dr. Werner Vogels
Dr. Werner Vogels
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Werner Vogels is chief technology officer at, where he is responsible for driving the company's customer-centric technology vision. As one of the forces behind Amazon's approach to cloud computing, he is passionate about helping young businesses reach global scale, and transforming enterprises into fast-moving digital organizations. Werner joined Amazon in 2004 from Cornell University, where he was a distributed systems researcher.