Enhance your medical imaging and accelerate genomics workflows with NVIDIA and AWS

High accuracy, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered workloads to reduce costs and fast-track results

A featured AWS for Genomics Partner, NVIDIA  fuels digital transformation in precision medicine, improves research, and defines the future of healthcare and life sciences. Available as part of the AWS for Genomics curated portfolio of industry tools, NVIDIA Clara Parabricks enables faster and more accurate results by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), highly performant GPUs, and scalable cloud infrastructure. With NVIDIA on AWS, expect the highest performance for machine learning (ML) training and high-performance computing (HPC) applications on the cloud combined with AI-powered tools to accelerate and optimize HCLS workflows. Leverage GPU-optimized software to increase accuracy, facilitate collaborative efforts, and enhance the quality of care while reducing the cost and time required to deliver research or diagnosis. Power the entire clinical development process—from designing effective trials using analytics and ML capabilities, to unlocking virtual trial capabilities, to accelerating the regulatory submission process. 

Start optimizing your medical imaging workflows in the cloud with NVIDIA Clara on AWS

  • Medical Imaging
  • Era of personalized medicine

    Organizations leverage NVIDIA on AWS services including HPC, ML, and open data tools to integrate personal health data. The breadth of services and pricing options offers the flexibility to effectively manage costs through tiered pricing models for compute and storage with AWS HPC and machine learning tools to make more data-driven decisions, leading to less waste. Accelerate AI model building and deployment with scalable compute capacity and data storage services with NVIDIA Clara powered by MONAI (Medical Open Network for AI) on AWS. Utilize tools such as AI-assisted data labeling to quickly deploy pre-trained AI models or start collaborative and privacy-preserving AI model building with a federated approach to build more robust generalizable models.

    Benefits of running Clara Imaging workloads on AWS

    Elevate image analysis

    Access training data stored on AWS and deploy NVIDIA GPU-powered Amazon EC2 instances to quickly build AI models that enhance reading of studies. Keep pace with the latest technological advances in medical imaging instruments by bringing powerful compute and AI models that can help radiologists produce superior image quality and enable image reconstruction. Build and deploy AI models that can help generate previously unattainable images and reduce the labor and cost associated with radiology tasks such as data labeling.

    Reduce time-to-results

    Leverage virtually unlimited AWS compute and storage capacity to meet image processing, analysis, and storage requirements. Streamline imaging workflows in radiology by introducing AI to tasks such as anomaly detection, automatic measurements, and flagging of urgent cases. Collaborate to enable AI model training at scale and across different locations while preserving privacy to obtain life-saving insights faster.

    Personalized patient care

    Provide more precise and personalized patient care by employing a second pair of eyes to help obtain accurate diagnosis with AI-assisted capabilities. Providing urgent case flagging and time-efficient tools allows radiologists to manage large caseloads. Leverage large data sets stored on AWS to run AI in the cloud and reduce inference time with purpose-built end-to-end AI tools. Improve the image quality, optimize workflows, enhance medical devices, and reduce the scan duration for a more comfortable patient experience.


    Discover the benefits of building AI-assisted workflows in medical imaging with NVIDIA Clara on AWS.


    Learn how to build, manage, and deploy intelligent and cost-cutting medical imaging workflows with NVIDIA Clara on AWS.

    Ready to get started with AWS?

    Use AWS high performance computing solutions and NVIDIA Clara GPUs and AI solutions configured to accelerate, enhance and optimize healthcare, life sciences, and genomics workflows.

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  • Genomics
  • Accelerate genome sequencing

    Analyze your whole genome, exome, and panel next generation sequencing data quickly with high accuracy using GPU-accelerated NVIDIA Clara Parabricks for genomic analysis on AWS. Clara Parabricks on AWS brings a suite of purpose-built tools to support end-to-end genomics workflows, improving data liquidity, security and analytical bottlenecks.  The acceleration of Parabricks coupled with the scalability of AWS is helping scientists reduce analysis cost, deliver faster time to results, and scale data processing. 

    The interpretation of genomic data requires robust compute power. Whether working on germline or somatic workflows, Clara Parabricks delivers analysis of bioinformatics pipelines at lightning speed. Using machine learning and high-performance computing, AWS and NVIDIA solutions turn data into biological insight. These solutions enable access to greater computing efficiency at scale and reproducible data processing. Additionally, AWS and NVIDIA solutions can integrate multi-modal datasets and public data for clinical annotation in a compliance-ready environment.

    Benefits of running Clara Parabricks on AWS

    Accelerate workflows

    Reduce the time to results with NVIDIA Clara Parabricks accelerated analysis tools on AWS. Optimize genomic analysis pipelines on NVIDIA GPUs and scalable, cloud-based, pre-built infrastructure to obtain life-saving insights faster. Streamline data storage, management, and analysis in genomics workloads with a cloud-based pre-built software environment. Leverage AWS’ 50 publicly available genomic datasets to enable scientific collaboration and provide research and clinical communities with a single documented source of truth.

    Reduce analysis bottlenecks

    Datasets stored on AWS coupled with AWS scalability and flexibility is powering genomic analysis of DNA and RNA with Clara Parabricks. Analyze a 30x whole human genome in as little as 25 minutes. Optimize genomics workflows by accelerating tools from FASTQ to BAM to VCF for DNA and RNA applications. The acceleration of Clara Parabricks coupled with the scalability of AWS enables researchers to perform genomics projects faster and more cost effectively, helping researchers identify more genetic variants in their data.

    Decrease analysis cost

    Deploy Clara Parabricks GPU-accelerated workflows on AWS, using only what you need, when you need it. Right-size your compute environment to save costs, scaling up or down to meet the workload requirements. Leverage AWS and NVIDIA Clara Parabricks to streamline a single component or the entire genomics workflow.


    Discover how NVIDIA Clara Parabricks on AWS is addressing many of the challenges faced by researchers today.


    Learn how to accelerate genomics workflows, reduce analysis time, and cut costs with Clara Parabricks on AWS using only the resources you need.

    Ready to get started with AWS?

    Use AWS high performance computing solutions and NVIDIA Clara GPUs and AI solutions configured to accelerate, enhance and optimize healthcare, life sciences, and genomics workflows.