Gain hands on experience using the capabilities of Apache Drill and MapR to extract immediate insights from semi-structured data.

Provided free of charge for education, demonstration and evaluation purposes, this Test Drive includes enough free AWS datacenter time to experience the MAPR solution.

Please note that this Test Drive will be launched from MAPR Test Drive web site. After signing up, MAPR will provision you with a Test Drive account with enough complimentary AWS datacenter time to complete a walkthrough of their solution.

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During this test drive, customers will gain hands on experience using the groundbreaking capabilities of Apache Drill and MapR to extract immediate insights from semi-structured data.

Users will interact with sample data hosted on a functional three node cluster of MapR using multiple interfaces including command line, the Drill web UI and Tableau business analytics software.

The lab takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.


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Experience how HP Vertica’s richest and fastest SQL analytics engine can help your business explore and analyze the vast amounts of data being stored on Hadoop data lakes. In this AWS Test Drive, we will create a functional three node cluster and install Vertica’s database SQL analytics engine collocated within the MapR Hadoop environment. You will have 4 hours to play and query Hadoop ORCFile formatted data via standard ANSI SQL statements.

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This Test Drive demonstrates ease of querying complex data and discovering schemas on-the-fly with Apache Drill and finding business insights and creating professional looking dashboards using Spotfire.

We have provided sample data-sets and a demo that will highlight these capabilities in an interactive experience that involves a fully functional 3 node Hadoop cluster and Spotfire.



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Dataguise precisely detects and protects sensitive information to safely unlock the benefits of big data. Users can quickly and easily start-up a sandbox with MAPR and DgSecure pre-installed and pre-configured. User will be taken through a tutorial of DgSecure that covers sensitive data detection, masking and encryption.