Customer Engagement Solutions on AWS

Create meaningful retail customer engagement by using insights to reach, serve, and reward your ideal customers.

Drive business growth with machine learning personalization in retail

Learn how AWS machine learning helps you create highly personalized, engaging customer experiences.

Make meaningful customer interactions
With customer engagement solutions on AWS, gain deep insights to know, reach, serve, and reward your ideal customers.


Know more about your customers
AWS offers robust data services to help you manage, augment, and analyze your customer data so you can create meaningful customer engagements. Our services can help you identify and analyze complex customer relationships, enrich existing first-party information with third-party data, and ensure that all your data is secure and maintained according to government privacy regulations.
Reach your customers more efficiently and effectively
With a myriad of touchpoints across advertising, sales, operations, and customer care, AWS can help you coordinate your efforts, so every customer feels inspired, special, and educated with the right purchase information, and every interaction is effective with as little friction as possible.
Make meaningful customer interactions
Retailers deal with vast amounts of customer data, but it’s often located in separate silos that are hard to access and analyze. With AWS Cloud solutions, retailers bring these data sources together on a unified data platform, enabling a 360-view of your customers.
Reward your customers
AWS can help you enhance your loyalty program so it’s more than a one-size-fits-all discount program. Instead, with AWS solutions you can identify your most valuable customers and reward them based on desired behaviors with points, games, unique experiences, personalized offers, and recognition—all to increase wallet share and reduce churn.

Drive customer engagement with data-driven insights

AWS solutions can help you analyze and understand the relationships, characteristics, and lifetime value of customer segments so you can invest marketing resources to attract, convert, and retain your ideal customers to achieve the highest ROI possible.

QnABot on AWS

Deploy a multi-channel, multi-language conversational interface (chatbot) that responds to your customer’s questions, answers, and feedback.

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Guidance for a Modern Contact Center for Retailers on AWS

Quickly build a modern, scalable contact center on AWS for an omnichannel experience through voice, chat, and tasks.

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Guidance for Customer Data Platform on AWS

Build a customer data platform with data from a broad range of sources, including contact centers, email, web and mobile entries, PO transactions, and CRM systems.

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AWS services

Provide superior customer service at a lower cost with an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center
Build chatbots with conversational artificial intelligence (AI)
Securely and easily add location data to applications
Build and run graph applications with highly connected datasets
Create real-time personalized user experiences faster at scale
Multichannel marketing communication service

Customer stories

We work with the industry’s leading retail companies - innovators and pioneers - who expect more from their technology partners and know that great experiences speak louder than words. Learn more about the exciting ways retail companies are leading their customer journeys with AWS.

MECCA icon

How MECCA is mirroring in-store customer experiences online – with dramatic results

By working with AWS and Servian on leveraging data and analytics, MECCA was able to generate more than 10 million product recommendations every week across all marketing campaigns.

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Mecca storefront
stock image of grocery delivery
Morrisons logo

Morrisons delivers a self-serve contact center in 8 weeks on Amazon Connect

Morrisons, the United Kingdom's fourth-largest grocery chain, migrated its contact center to Amazon Connect in 8 weeks, improving customer service and enabling the company to quickly innovate and scale during peak traffic.

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stock image of man shopping online
Dollar Shave Club logo

Dollar Shave Club uses AWS to accelerate data analysis, improve user experience

Dollar Shave Club, an ecommerce company, uses an Analytics on AWS solution to save $300,000 yearly, build reports in 5 minutes instead of 8 hours, and personalize the customer experience.

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stock image of woman on laptop
Mercado Libre logo

Mercado Libre achieves accurate, automatic translations at scale using Amazon Translate

Mercado Libre, a large eCommerce and payments company in Latin America, translates English ecommerce listings to Spanish and Portuguese at scale using Amazon Translate.

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person browsing pinterest app
Pinterest logo

AWS is How: Pinterest Lens helps pinners find and buy the perfect item

To provide shoppers with a wide selection, Pinterest powers its fast and accurate visual search by running a sophisticated machine learning engine rooted in years of computer vision work.

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Learn about some of the leading challenges that are currently preventing companies from achieving a seamless end-to-end experience.

Innovate with key industry partners

Discover purpose-built solutions and services from an expansive network of industry-leading AWS Retail Competency Partners. Their innovative, comprehensive offerings enable retailers to accelerate their digital transformation across the entire enterprise, including marketing, advertising, and CRM solutions for retail marketing leaders to attract and retain customers.

Algonomy logo

Algonomy CDP delivers actionable algorithms and personalized engagement, to help CPG brands impact every aspect of their business, from supply chain management and merchandising, to marketing and customer engagement.

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Amperity logo

An Enterprise CDP, Amperity accelerates the way brands identify, understand, and connect with their customers by leveraging AI to deliver a comprehensive and actionable Customer 360.

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Amplitude logo

Amplitude offers a unified system that brings together an entirely new depth of customer
understanding with the speed of action to optimize experiences in the moment.

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Aptos logo

Aptos is one of the largest providers of enterprise software focused exclusively on retail. Our cloud-based Singular Retail™ solutions are trusted by over 1,000 retail brands in 65 countries.

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Braze logo

Braze is a customer engagement platform that delivers messaging experiences across push, email, in-product, and more.

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Capillary logo

Capillary Technologies provides cloud-based omnichannel customer engagement solutions powered by AI, to give consumer brands a 360° singlem view of their consumers and drive highly personalized experiences.

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Cordial logo

Cordial is a cross-channel marketing and data platform or customer-obsessed brands for automating customer experiences at enterprise scale.

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Treasure Data logo

Treasure Data offers an enterprise Customer Data Platform that balances privacy and data to power great customer experiences in marketing, service, and sales.

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Twilio Segment logo

Twilio Segment offers a customer data platform (CDP) that helps consumer brands collect, clean, and control your customer data.

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AWS Service Partners

Our network of AWS Service Partners offers strategy and deployment services to retail brands to accelerate digital transformation and innovation.

Accenture logo

Accenture retail technology helps marketing companies out maneuver uncertainty by innovating around industry-specific functions and capabilities to provide clients with speed-to-value.

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Onica logo

Onica by Rackspace Technology is a born-in-the-cloud, full-spectrum, cloud native services provider at the forefront of cloud.

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Mobiquity logo

Mobiquity is a digital experience provider that designs and builds cloud-native solutions for mobile, web, IoT, and voice/chat.

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Infosys logo

Infosys helps customers discover, evaluate, and integrate software, services, and processes that help reimagine the enterprise value chain in the cloud and deliver fast time to value.

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AWS Marketplace

Retail solutions from AWS Partners are also available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog of third-party software, services, and data that makes it easy to find, buy, deploy, and manage software on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Amperity logo

Amperity is a comprehensive enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for IT, analytics, and marketing leaders of enterprise consumer brands.

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Amplitude logo

The Amplitude Digital Optimization System is a unified system for data, analytics, and personalization that enables retailers to make better business decisions.

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Genesys logo

Genesys offers omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, enabling retailers to provide exceptional service across the customer journey.

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Peak logo

Peak's Decision Intelligence platform powered by AI to help retailers gain a unified view of product metadata, transactional, customer, and supplier data.

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Sprinklr logo

Sprinklr is a unified customer experience management platform (Unified-CXM), enabling brands to better know and engage customers on all channels to drive business growth.

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Tealium logo

Tealium CDP connects customer data – spanning web, mobile, offline, and IoT devices with turnkey integration ecosystem supporting over 1,300 client-side and server-side vendors and technologies.

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Twilio Segment logo

Twilio Segment CDP provides companies with the data foundation that they need to put their customers at the heart of every decision.

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Zendesk logo

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships.

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