Large-Scale Migrations

AWS helped General Electric migrate more than 9,000 workloads, including 300 disparate ERP systems, while reducing its datacenter footprint from 34 to 4.

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The Unilever IT team had two goals for their cloud migration: deliver a common technology platform for websites with regional content delivery architecture and migrate existing web properties to the cloud. By moving to AWS, Unilever was able to improve business agility and operational efficiency.

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Through migrating to AWS, Intuit was able to reduce costs by a factor of six. After this first success, Intuit subsequently moved 33 applications, 26 services and 8 enabling tools to the AWS Cloud. Over the coming years, Intuit will move the rest of its applications to AWS to speed development, innovate faster, and better solve customers’ needs.

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Enel migrated more than 600 workloads to AWS in under 14 months. This migration drove year-over-year cost reduction and cut processing time from 36 hours to 10 seconds. By using AWS, Enel reduced provisioning time from 4 weeks to 2 days and transformed its business.


FICO migrated their flagship consumer credit scoring product from private cloud to AWS and saw performance increase by 6x, and improved delivery times by 10-15x for solutions in the financial industry.

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Migrating with VMware Cloud on AWS


By moving to VMware Cloud on AWS, Cerner ensures immediate access to data and secure data per compliance regulations required by their customers.

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Through VMWare Cloud on AWS, Stagecoach was able to transform its approach to IT, moving away from the ownership and management of hardware to create a more flexible, digital foundation. VMware Cloud on AWS now hosts some of Stagecoach’s most business-critical applications.

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Microsoft Workloads Migration


Hess Corporation looked to move the majority of its mission critical Windows workloads, including SQL Server, Exchange, AD and custom .NET apps, as well as SAP HANA and Oracle Hyperion, to AWS to increase availability and reduce technical debt. Hess was able to leverage a hybrid-approach, while reporting higher availability, improved performance, and agility.

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Infor adopted an all-AWS strategy to save time and money as they manage their exponential business growth. Infor uses Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon EC2 instances to run 1000’s of SQL databases to save 75% on monthly backup costs and back up 2 petabytes of daily data 30% faster.

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SAP Migrations


BP has seen significant savings in annual licensing, support and maintenance costs by running the lubricants SAP ECC system on AWS.

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Brooks Brothers needed a more agile way of deploying infrastructure for projects. Using X1 memory optimized instances on AWS for SAP HANA, Brooks Brothers quickly scaled to support their global market and deployed a new SAP CRM application, resulting in more cost-effective deployments and faster iteration on upstream digital systems.

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Through migrating to the SAP S/4 HANA system, AWS handles between €15 million and €40 million of Royal FloraHolland’s daily transactions.

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Database Migration

3M logo

3M Health Information Systems (HIS), a business of 3M Health Care, works with providers, payers, and government agencies to anticipate and navigate a changing healthcare landscape. They were stuck on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis services cubes. It was hard to scale the database size and keep the cubes updated with the latest data. They migrated their tera-byte data warehouse to Amazon Redshift, using Amazon RDS for staging data, Amazon S3 to store raw and transformed data, and Amazon QuickSight for visualization.

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Thomas Publishing logo

Thomas Publishing links industrial buyers to suppliers by offering an array of information and services online and in print. Thomas relied on on-premises data centers with Oracle and SQL databases and no longer wanted the costs of operating those themselves and trying to maintain high uptime for our products. They moved to Amazon Aurora to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in data center costs, quickly launch new websites by spinning up resources in one day instead of several weeks, and rapidly migrate critical Oracle applications to the cloud.

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MAGASeek logo

Based in Japan, MAGASeek Corporation operates a fashion e-commerce website. MAGASeek previously used an on-premises IT infrastructure and, even in this on-premises environment, e-commerce sites took about two months to build after the decision to proceed was made. They migrated to Amazon Aurora and tripled performance for some batch-processing jobs. In MAGASeek's on-premises Oracle RAC environment, the number of client requests processed per second never exceeded 1,000, but on Amazon Aurora figures as high as around 1,200 have been recorded.

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