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Heidelberg on AWS

Heidelberg is striving to become a pioneer in digital city through sustainable city services using open standards. Digitalization can be used in nearly all areas of life to make life more easy, simple, and comfortable. The city has now the opportunity to expand and improve the existing services in Heidelberg. Using AWS, the city can leverage modern methods for solutions that have a high usability and at the same time ensure Data Sovereignty.

Heidelberg meets the AWS Smart Territory Framework

Discover how the city of Heidelberg is digitizing its services to create an increasingly technological, livable, green, and inclusive city for everyone.

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The City of Heidelberg Builds a More Sustainable, Inclusive, and Open City for Everyone using AWS

The Heidelberg digital strategy is based on five guidelines: digital mindset, sustainability, citizen participation, education, and urban data culture. Discover more in the words of Philipp Leichleiter, chief digital officer (CDO) of the City of Heidelberg.

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The City of Heidelberg is Digitizing its Services to Create a Better Quality of Life using AWS

For Heidelberg, Smart City is a holistic project aimed at providing better quality of life in the city and developing a high standard of living by empowering the population, as well as the administration. Discover how in the words of Sebastian Warkentin, CEO Digital-Agentur, Heidelberg.

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