uMotif’s Patient-centric Approach Captures Clinical Trial Data Supported on a Global Scale by AWS


Industry Challenge

Life sciences companies conducting clinical trials can struggle to keep patients engaged in submitting high-quality data regularly and securely. To have patients drop out of trials, or not submit data accurately, can be costly and cause timelines to slip.

uMotif’s Patient-Centric Approach for Clinical Trials Supported on a Global Scale by AWS (21:02)

Using AWS allows us to deploy fast and scale quickly when traffic increases and enables us to configure and deploy studies consistently and securely."

Bruce Hellman
CEO, uMotif

uMotif's Solution

uMotif has built an easy-to-use cloud-based platform to support clinical trial patients, investigators, sponsors, and contract research organizations. Its technology provides a robust and compliant platform for global research studies in any therapeutic area and eases the burden on patients to capture and submit data. “It’s hugely exciting,” says uMotif CEO Bruce Hellman, “using new technology and putting patients more at the heart of clinical research helps researchers collect larger volumes of high quality data. Our secure and compliant app can be downloaded on a patient’s own device meaning they can enter data virtually. This removes the burden, and potential bias in the data, of visiting a site as well being able to reach new patient populations in remote locations.”

Benefits of Using AWS

Building on Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows uMotif’s platform to easily scale from studies of a few dozen patients to research with tens of thousands of participants, with wide geographical coverage and millions of data points. uMotif's AWS infrastructure enables quick deployment of compute capacity when traffic increases and allows for integration with other solutions in the eClinical ecosystem. API endpoints are protected using AWS Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF), blocking out viruses and malicious attacks. Global hosting and language translation tools, an easy-to-use interface, and cloud infrastructure mean that uMotif’s platform can be deployed anywhere, providing complete benefits to users. “Using AWS allows us to deploy fast and scale quickly when traffic increases and enables us to configure and deploy studies consistently and securely,” says Hellman. “Working in life sciences, it’s critical that our platform is secure and audit-ready at any time.”

About uMotif

uMotif’s mission is to put patients at the center of research by building data capture solutions people love to use. Designed with patients for patients, the uMotif eClinical platform supports data capture for clinical research across all therapeutic areas. uMotif's applications are used to track and submit e-consent, symptom, eCOA, ePRO, and wearable device data.

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