Migration Solutions

Move existing applications to the AWS cloud to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security

Enterprises migrating to AWS require expertise, tools, and alignment of business and IT strategy. Many organizations can accelerate their migration, and their time to results, through partnership.

The Migration solutions showcased here are part of Solution Space, an AWS website that includes solutions that are based on architectures validated by AWS, include a combination of AWS services and APN Partner technologies, can be deployed quickly with solution accelerators like AWS Quick Starts, and feature optional consulting offerings to accelerate your cloud transformation. 

Migrating to Cloud - Lessons from Netflix, Brought Up to Date

Migration solutions

Deloitte ATADATA ATASphere on AWS

Seamlessly map, migrate, and manage your enterprise environment.
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DB Best application modernization on AWS

Accelerate your modernization. Reduce costs. Reach new customers.
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Onica cloud-native application development on AWS

Build a cloud-native architecture for your software products leveraging Amazon Aurora.
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mLogica application modernization on AWS

Automate your application modernization journey.
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Virtusa application modernization on AWS

Build your application modernization game plan.
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