Webinar: AWS Services for Data Migration

A key part of moving applications to the cloud is migrating data. AWS now offers several simple services for data migration at a petabyte scale. Whether the destination is Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Amazon EFS or Amazon EBS, you can move large volumes of data from your facilities to the cloud with AWS. This webinar will explain how you can do this with online or offline transfer services including AWS Storage Gateway, AWS Snowball and Snowball Edge, or EFS File Sync.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn about AWS services to migrate data sets into AWS file, block and object storage services
  • Determine which AWS service option can fit your requirements for data migration, and
  • See how you can get started. For instance, we demonstrate how you can move block volumes of application data to Amazon EBS by using the AWS Storage Gateway with EBS Snapshots.

Table of Contents

(0:00) Introduction
(1:23) AWS Direct Connect
(2:31) Considerations for moving to the cloud
(5:12) 5 key questions for migrating data to the cloud
(8:47) AWS Snowball (Snow*) family
(11:48) Amazon EFS File Sync
(13:19) Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
(16:04) AWS Storage Gateway family introduction
(17:24) File Gateway for moving file data to S3 and for hybrid cloud workloads
(22:38) Tape Gateway for migrating tape backup processes to AWS
(27:50) Volume Gateway for moving block data & creating hybrid cloud storage
(31:55) Demonstration: Migrating block data volumes to Amazon EBS for Amazon EC2 applications using Volume Gateway
(37:34) AWS Partner Network (APN) for Migration & Storage
(38:24) AWS Storage Training

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