Using Volume Gateway, Clones & EBS Snapshots for Recovery

This AWS Knowledge Center video answers the common question of how to perform recoveries of Volume Gateway volumes. There are multiple options available to you. You can use an instant clone of a cached volume for rapid recovery of data to a gateway on-premises. Alternatively, you an use a previously created point-in-time Amazon EBS Snapshot of the gateway volume for recovery into Amazon EC2, restoring the snapshot as an Amazon EBS volume, or for recovery of a gateway volume to an on-premises environment.

Creating a volume from a snapshot can be done from the AWS Storage Gateway console. The snapshots can then be used to recover data for a volume that becomes irrecoverable, deleted, or lost. Likewise volume clones can be created from the AWS console. See the video to the right for a step-by-step walk through, read the Knowledge Center support article with step-by-step instructions, or try it out for yourself.


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