AWS Public Sector Summit New Delhi
AWS Public Sector Summit New Delhi
JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity | September 6, 2019

Agenda Overview

Friday, September 6
9:00AM – 10:00AM Registration & Networking Breakfast
10:00AM – 11:30AM Keynote
11:45AM – 12:35PM Breakout Sessions
12:35PM – 1:30PM   Networking Lunch
1:30PM – 3:20PM   Breakout Sessions
3:20PM – 3:45PM Networking Break
3:45PM – 5:35PM
Breakout Sessions 
5:35PM – 6:30PM Closing Reception

Agenda subject to change.

Session Details

Technical Track

Drive Digital Transformation Using Machine Learning

11:45AM – 12:35PM

Learn to identify use cases for machine learning (ML), acquire best practices to frame problems in a way that key stakeholders can understand and support, and help create the right conditions for delivering successful ML-based solutions to your citizens. Join this session to understand machine learning services on AWS and how they relate to your specific requirements.

Management Track

Top Cloud Security Myths Dispelled

11:45AM – 12:35PM

In this session, discover the most common cloud security questions from customers. Join us to hear detailed answers for each question, distilled from our practical experience working with organizations around the world. This session is designed for everyone who is curious, cautious, or excited about the cloud.

Spotlight Track

We Power Tech: Recruiting, Engaging, and Retaining Diverse Technology Talent

11:45AM – 12:35PM

On top of their professional pursuits, Indian women represent the institution of family. Particularly in the tech industry, cultural expectations can leave women wanting for a better work-life balance. Thanks to mentorship programs, more women feel empowered to discover career opportunities and overcome obstacles related to this balance. What can we do to question gender roles, build more mentorships, and create an inclusive environment to encourage women to develop an ambitious career in technology, while still fulfilling societal responsibilities? Join this session to uncover how to enable and institutionalize such programs from a policy standpoint, and hear one Indian girl’s journey to success.

Tech Talk: Cloud Data Management with Veeam & AWS

1:30PM – 2:20PM

Moving backups to the cloud and managing data protection across on-premises and cloud environments can be challenging. Veeam enables data protection and portability to the AWS Cloud with enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, DynamoDB, and Amazon EBS. Join us to learn how to backup, restore, and protect both on-premises and AWS instances with Veeam Availability Solutions and the new Veeam Cloud Tier, which integrates native Amazon S3 object storage support into Veeam’s flagship product Availability Suite.

Mr. Shuja Mirza, Head of Pre-sales, India & SAARC
1:30PM – 2:20PM

To be announced.

Taking a Dip in the Muni Bond Data Lake

1:30PM – 2:20PM

Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) is a fully managed service that enables you to deploy, secure, and operate Amazon ES at scale with zero down time. Discover best practices to get the most out of search applications. Hear highlights from how Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) used Amazon ES to modernize their analytics platform. The MSRB engaged Hitachi Vantara to develop a prototype data analytics platform that enabled natural language and free-text search. Join us to learn more about how to leverage the cloud to generate tremendous and transformative value.

Santosh Karla, Principal Cloud Architect, Hitachi Vantara Corporation

Getting Started with Microservices, Containers, and Serverless Architectures

2:30PM – 3:20PM

Microservices, containers, serverless – these industry buzzwords are hot right now. Breaking down monolithic applications and architectures is a central theme across industries as organizations move to adopt new technologies and take advantage of the AWS Cloud to scale, while rapidly innovating to meet changing customer expectations and competitive challenges. In this session, take a closer look at what is actually required to “break down the monolith.” You’ll also uncover strategies and design patterns for building microservices on AWS.

Cost Optimisation

2:30PM – 3:20PM

Most likely, your organisation is not in the business of running data centers, yet a significant amount of time and money is spent doing just that. AWS provides a way to acquire and use infrastructure on-demand, so that you pay only for what you consume. This puts more money back into your organisation, so that you can innovate more, expand faster, and be better positioned to take advantage of new opportunities.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the Public Sector

2:30PM – 3:20PM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way we work, live, and interact with each other. The emergence of these cognitive technologies are transforming the way public sector agencies and citizens interact with each other. But putting AI and ML into practice and getting beyond the buzzwords is a challenge. This session focuses on providing attendees with a current state of the AI and ML market and will discuss the state of the practice with real use cases and methodologies to make AI projects on AWS a tangible success for public sector organisations.

Building Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS

3:45PM – 4:35PM

In this session, learn how to understand what data you have, drive insights, and make predictions using purpose-built AWS services. Discover the the common pitfalls of building data lakes and investigate how to successfully drive analytics and insights from your data. Also, learn how services like Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, and machine learning on AWS work together to build a successful data lake for various roles, including data scientists and business users.

How to Become Migration Ready: Accelerate and Optimize Your Cloud Adoption

3:45PM – 4:35PM

Looking to accelerate your cloud adoption? Worried about complexities and potential challenges? Join this session to learn more about the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, what it means to be ready to migrate, and how to establish a foundation to save time and prevent roadblocks. In this session, discuss the importance of driving organizational change, establishing foundational readiness planning, and developing an iterative approach to migration.

Making Smart Cities a Reality

3:45PM – 4:35PM

Smart cities represent a new way of thinking about urban space by shaping a model that integrates energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, protection of the environment, and economic sustainability. Cities currently provide potentially unlimited settings for intelligent agents to display their ability to react, act proactively, interact between themselves, or otherwise plan and learn in an intelligent, or rather human, manner. At this panel, learn how technology can help provide reliable, up-to-date information on a meaningful set of indicators across various domains for insights on best practices, future planning, and policy interventions as needed.

4:45PM – 5:35PM

Security is a growing concern. Misconfigurations and inconsistent deployments provide opportunities for attackers to find vulnerabilities. This underscores the need to enforce policies as more and more production workloads move to the cloud. In this session, discover how customers are using AWS Service Catalog as a layered defense and an in-depth mechanism to mitigate misconfigurations and variability in workload deployments. Additionally, learn how AWS Control Tower provides guardrails for policy enforcement to help customers like World Bank enforce security and manage compliance.

Laying the Groundwork for Change: Cloud Culture Starts at the Top

4:45PM – 5:35PM

Join this session to learn more about the importance of executive sponsorship to establish priorities and secure the resources to drive a cloud strategy forward. We also share best practices and patterns to build a single threaded, multi-disciplinary team to incubate and accelerate cloud initiatives that transform the way technology supports the mission.

Enabling Resilience Through the Cloud: AWS Disaster Response Program

4:45PM – 5:35PM

Launched in August 2018, the AWS Disaster Response Program focuses on helping public sector organisations, including governments, NGOs, and educational institutions, leverage AWS technology before, during, and after disasters. In this session, discover how AWS services like AWS Snowball Edge enable secure access to critical workloads and datasets in limited or disconnected environments to improve our customers’ response capabilities. Learn how Amazon Connect provided a scalable, virtual call center solution to ensure hurricane survivors could speak with volunteers about information on critical aid services. Hear about AWS employees’ experience deploying to disasters and how those lessons are helping to solve our customers’ biggest challenges.