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Containerize and migrate existing applications

AWS App2Container (A2C) is a command-line tool for migrating and modernizing Java and .NET web applications into container format. A2C analyzes and builds an inventory of all applications running in bare metal, virtual machines, Amazon EC2 instances, or in the cloud. You simply select the application you want to containerize and A2C will packages the application artifacts & dependencies into container images, configures the network ports, and generates the necessary Amazon ECS and Amazon EKS deployment artifacts. A2C provisions the cloud infrastructure and CI\CD pipelines required to deploy the containerized application into production. With A2C, you can easily migrate and modernize your applications to AWS as containers while also standardizing the deployment and operations.


Streamline operations

App2Container allows you to containerize your existing applications and standardize on a single set of tooling for monitoring, operations, and software delivery. Containerization allows you to unify infrastructure and skill sets needed to operate your applications, saving on both infrastructure and training costs.

Accelerates application modernization

Containerizing applications requires you to identify application dependencies, network port configurations, and software delivery processes in order to construct and deploy a container image. These tasks can be manual and time consuming as well as error prone. App2Container analyzes your applications and automatically generates a container image that is configured with the correct dependencies, network configurations, and deployment instructions for ECS or Kubernetes.

Best practices to migrate at scale

App2Container allows you to containerize applications running in your data center without any code changes. In addition App2Container will automate the generation of deployment pipeline following AWS best practices, to container services such as Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS AppRunner. By enabling remote execution, you can automate the migration of your application from your data center to AWS.

How it works


A big motivator for client migrations to AWS is the opportunity to shift away from traditional server-based workloads and become cloud-native. This can provide a cost-effective, scalable solution that goes a long way towards delivering on the benefits of public cloud. Modernizing traditional workloads sits at the heart of Ensono’s Cloud Transformation solution for clients using public cloud. AWS App2Container (A2C) greatly simplifies the process of containerizing workloads in a repeatable, reliable way that reduces migration time and directly benefits our clients. The AWS team have been pro-active and supportive allies in our journey with A2C and we look forward to working together closely as we transform more client workloads.

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The ability to rapidly containerize legacy workloads via AWS App2Container (A2C) represents a significant opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership through modernization. Migration without optimization does not yield the benefits that customers seek when migrating to the cloud. With minimal effort, A2C enables businesses to move workloads to containerized environments, providing enhanced performance and scalability and accelerating time to market. A2C is a game changer in this space.

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DXC Technology

DXC’s Application Containerization-as-a-Service leverages AWS App2Container (A2C) to quickly and cost-effectively containerize legacy applications running on Windows and Linux servers. Using A2C allows DXC to enforce containerization best practices ensuring containers are secure and optimized for performance.

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AWS App2Container (A2C) enables Cognizant, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner, to drive application modernization at scale by leveraging the broad services offered by AWS for Containers. Cognizant uses A2C to reduce the time to realize the business value of migrating and modernizing legacy .NET and Java business applications to the cloud.

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The Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG) and Accenture’s cloud practice have an extensive background with the strategy, design and implementation of holistic container solutions. Our deep skills and broad experience uniquely position us to collaborate with AWS to leverage AWS App2Container for industrializing the containerization of applications to AWS.

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As an AWS Partner, we are very excited for the new capabilities that AWS App2Container (A2C) gives us, to help our customers take the first steps towards modernizing legacy applications without the need for any refactoring. Many of our customers don't know where to start with containerization, and A2C provides a first-class, prescriptive path to quickly move ASP .net and Java applications from legacy VM-based hosting to containers. Engineers and Solutions Architects who use the AWS CLI, will find the A2C CLI to be familiar and intuitive. The documentation is clear, and covers containerizing both Linux and Windows application servers.
One key feature of A2C is its ability to be run as a standalone worker node, to containerize workloads in a non-intrusive fashion, without the need for installing potentially disruptive agents on production servers. A2C also supports Amazon ECR, ECS, and EKS, so that businesses can quickly see and test their legacy apps hosted in the cloud. Teams using Kubernetes can use kubectl to launch the containerized application on an existing Amazon EKS or self-managed Kubernetes cluster using A2C generated deployment.yaml. A2C even supports running containerized workloads under a Group Managed Service Account (gMSA), which is an advanced concept for containerizing Windows apps that our team was pleasantly surprised to find A2C supports.

In short, A2C is an easy and prescriptive way to take the first steps towards modernizing legacy applications, without the need for any refactoring. Any shop running legacy ASP.NET and/or Java applications should consider A2C as a critical tool to streamline and accelerate their application modernization journey on AWS.

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AWS App2Container (A2C) gives a significant boost to Wipro’s Smart Containerization solution by automating customer journey to AWS Cloud. Wipro has been driving application modernization on cloud for customers leveraging containers and serverless technologies and A2C will further help drive cloud adoption at scale. Our in-depth knowledge on AWS services and container technologies augmented with A2C is uniquely positioned to help customer bring down overall cost, time required for cloud migration and improve ROI.

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AWS App2Container(A2C) can accelerate an enterprise's journey to the cloud with its ability to quickly containerize .Net and Java applications. It ensures deployment that is compliant with cloud-native principles and best practices. We at Infosys actively use AWS A2C along with our Infosys Cloud Modernization Platform to transform, containerize, and deploy modernized application workloads onto AWS.

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Siddharth Jaiswar, Indranil Karmakar, and Ramesh Ranganathan
August 3, 2021
Durga Prasad Cheepuri and Varun Sharma
October 27, 2021

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