Amazon Verified Permissions (Preview)

Manage fine-grained permissions and authorization within custom applications

Accelerate application development by decoupling authorization from business logic.

Save time and resources with centralized permissions and policy lifecycle management.

Simplify compliance audits at scale using automated analysis to confirm that permissions work as intended.

Build applications that support Zero Trust architectures with dynamic real-time authorization decisions.

How it works

Amazon Verified Permissions is a scalable, fine-grained permissions management and authorization service for custom applications. The service centralizes fine-grained permissions for custom applications and helps developers authorize user actions within applications. Amazon Verified Permissions uses the Cedar policy language to define fine-grained permissions for application users.

Diagram shows how Amazon Verified Permissions provides fine-grained permissions management and authorization service for your custom applications.
Amazon Verified Permissions in Preview
Why Amazon Verified Permissions?
Amazon Verified Permissions centralizes fine-grained permissions management for custom applications and helps developers authorize user actions within applications.

Use cases

Define a fine-grained authorization model

Create policies from templates and enforce those controls within Amazon API Gateway and AWS AppSync.

Grant fine-grained permissions within applications

Administrators can create application-wide policies, and developers can grant user permissions to access data and resources. 

Audit permissions across applications

Review policy model changes and monitor authorization requests using Amazon Verified Permissions.

Centralize the policy administration system

Create and centrally store policy-based access controls, and meet your application latency requirements with millisecond processing. 

How to get started

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