Cloud Migration Resources

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, AWS and our partners have resources to help you plan and execute migrations, and build the cloud skills your team needs to succeed.

  • eBook

    Accelerating Your AWS Journey

    How to drive a sustainable transformation

    Learn how approaching modernization in a unified, holistic way can reduce costs and help you build and maintain the momentum you need to sustain long-term transformation.
  • eBook

    Migrate with Confidence to a Secure Cloud

    Explore the benefits of cloud security

    Understanding the unique benefits of a secure cloud is the first step toward addressing the concerns of security and compliance professionals within your organization.
  • Report

    ESG: Analyzing the Outcomes Organizations Experience when Migrating Workloads to Cloud Infrastructure

    Explore the business value of proven cloud migration practices

    Learn how transforming your migration practices to simplify and accelerate your move to the cloud can increase business benefits and improve outcomes across your organization.
  • Whitepaper

    Securing the Microsoft Platform on Amazon Web Services

    Move your Windows workloads on AWS with confidence

    Learn best practices for protecting the runtime environment of Microsoft applications running on AWS so you can provide a secure service for your customers.
  • ebook

    O’Reilly: An Introduction to Cloud Databases

    Leave legacy databases behind

    AWS provides the broadest selection of purpose-built databases. Discover how migrating your data can help you save money, grow your business, and accelerate innovation.
  • report

    IDC: The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Storage

    Explore the benefits of cloud storage

    Based on interviews with AWS Storage customers, IDC estimates organizations that adopt AWS Storage have lowered their infrastructure costs by $4.8 million per year.
  • eBook

    Drive Agility and Business Continuity with VMware Cloud™ on AWS

    Efficiently migrate VMware workloads to the cloud

    Discover how VMware Cloud on AWS can benefit your organization across common use cases and see how S&P Global Ratings improved agility to meet global market demand.
  • report

    IDC Spotlight: Cloud Storage Adoption

    A key enabler of any modern enterprise strategy

    When it comes to the decision to adopt cloud, organizations focus on benefits like performance, security, global reach, and access to adjacent services in the cloud ecosystem.
  • report

    IDC: Breaking Free from On-Premises Constraints

    Cloud Database services from AWS

    Learn how migrating your databases to AWS can help you put an end to lack of deployment flexibility and the ongoing cost of license and maintenance fees.
  • whitepaper

    Accelerate and simplify your journey to the cloud

    AWS & TCS partner to help you migrate with confidence

    Explore how AWS and trusted Migration Partner Tata Consulting Services can help your enterprise transform seamlessly to the cloud with proven solutions and methods.
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