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Topics include Big Data, Security, Storage, Compute, Database, IoT, Mobile, Architecture and more.


Whether you are running applications that share photos or support the critical operations of your business, you need rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of on-demand resources that can be used to run virtually any application. When you complete this 45 minute training you'll be familiar with AWS's broad set of services and you will be able to determine the appropriate next step for how your organization or team can get started with the cloud. Specifically, this webinar will answer the following questions:

• What is Cloud Computing?
• What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
• Who is using the cloud and what are they using it for?
• What are AWS’s products and what workloads can I run with them?

AWS Webcast - What is Cloud Computing with AWS Nov.2013 (1:00:38)


Matt Yanchyshyn, Solutions Architect

Matt Yanchyshyn is a solutions architect based in AWS New York office. He helps AWS Technology partners architect secure and high-performance applications for the cloud. Matt has been in the international digital media and cloud computing industry for over a decade and has helped hundreds of customers bring compelling AWS-backed products to the market.

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