Posted On: Feb 5, 2008

Based on customer feedback and usage patterns of Amazon SQS, we have made some changes to the service and its pricing structure. Many customers want to be able to use SQS along with our other services (e.g. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3), but need SQS to be less expensive for this to be more feasible. To meet customer needs, we are introducing a new pricing structure that replaces the previous per-messages-sent charge ($0.10/1,000 messages) with a new per-request fee ($0.01/10,000 requests, including all Amazon SQS operations). The net result is that the new pricing will be significantly lower charges for most developers being billed for SQS.

The changes are effective as of February 6, 2008 for new customers. For existing Amazon SQS users, you can continue to use the prior version of the service – with the prior pricing – until May 6, 2009. Read about the changes to Amazon SQS and the new pricing plan on the Amazon SQS detail page.