Amazon CloudFront Adds Access Logging Capability

Posted on: May 7, 2009

AWS today released access logs for Amazon CloudFront. Access logs are activity records that show you details about every request delivered through Amazon CloudFront. They contain a comprehensive set of information about requests for your content, including the object requested, the date and time of the request, the edge location serving the request, the client IP address, the referrer and the user agent. It’s easy to get started using access logs: you just specify the name of the Amazon S3 bucket you want to use to store the logs when you configure your Amazon CloudFront distribution. There are no fees for using the access logs, beyond normal Amazon S3 charges to write, store and retrieve the logs.

The Amazon Elastic MapReduce team has also built a sample application, CloudFront LogAnalyzer, that will analyze your Amazon CloudFront access logs. This tool lets you use the power of Amazon Elastic MapReduce to quickly turn Access Logs into the answers to the most commonly asked questions about your business. Additionally, several partners have also built solutions that help you analyze these access logs; you can find more information about these in the AWS Solutions Catalog.

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