Announcing Amazon CloudFront Streaming

Posted on: Dec 15, 2009

Amazon CloudFront, the easy-to-use content delivery service, now supports the ability to stream audio and video files. Traditionally, world-class streaming has been out of reach of for many customers – running streaming servers was technically complex, and customers had to negotiate long- term contracts with minimum commitments in order to have access to the global streaming infrastructure needed to give high performance.

We’ve designed Amazon CloudFront to make streaming accessible for anyone with media content. Streaming with Amazon CloudFront is exceptionally easy: with only a few clicks on the AWS Management Console or a simple API call, you’ll be able to stream your content using a world-wide network of edge locations running Adobe’s Flash® Media Server. And, like all AWS services, Amazon CloudFront streaming requires no up-front commitments or long-term contracts. There are no additional charges for streaming with Amazon CloudFront; you simply pay normal rates for the data that you transfer using the service.

Visit the Amazon CloudFront page to learn more.