Posted On: Feb 9, 2010

We’re excited to announce Consolidated Billing, a new billing option that enables you to consolidate payment for multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts within your company by designating a single paying account. Consolidated Billing enables you to see a combined view of AWS costs incurred by all accounts in your department or company, as well as obtain a detailed cost report for each individual AWS account associated with your paying account. Consolidated Billing may also lower your overall costs since the rolled up usage across all of your accounts could help you reach lower-priced volume tiers more quickly.

In the future, AWS will continue to provide additional billing and account features, including self-service invoicing, the ability to set cost targets and receive notifications when those targets have been reached, and more sophisticated user management capabilities that will allow you to better manage access and permissions of multiple AWS users in your department or company.

To learn more about Consolidated Billing or to start using it, read the Consolidated Billing section of the AWS Cost and Account Billing User Guide.