Posted On: Aug 31, 2010

Amazon CloudFront, Amazon’s easy-to-use content delivery network, now supports the ability to remove files from all edge locations prior to the expiration date set on those files. If you need to remove multiple files at once, you may also send a list of files to remove as a batch. The invalidation feature is helpful in unexpected circumstances, such as an encoding error on a video you uploaded or an occasional update to your website’s css file, in which you to need to remove the file from Amazon CloudFront. Invalidation can also be helpful in the event that offensive or potentially harmful material needs to be removed before the specified expiration time. Invalidation requests for the first 1,000 files each month are provided at no additional charge; above this level, there is a $0.005 charge for invalidating each additional file. You can read more about the invalidation feature in the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide. For more information on Amazon CloudFront, visit the Amazon CloudFront page.