Posted On: Mar 13, 2013

Are you developing, testing, or migrating to SQL Server 2012? Your task just got easier with Amazon RDS for SQL Server. We are pleased to announce that you can upgrade existing SQL Server 2008 R2 DB Instances to SQL Server 2012 starting today using the new Major Version Upgrade feature. The Major Version Upgrade feature is available in all AWS regions for all SQL Server editions, including Express, Web, Standard, and Enterprise.

With the Major Version Upgrade feature, you can easily develop and test your applications using the new features Microsoft has introduced as part of SQL Server 2012. In addition, you can upgrade your existing SQL Server 2008 R2 DB Instances and leverage new SQL Server 2012 features with your applications. A few of these new features are highlighted below:
  • Contained database – a database that is isolated from other SQL Server databases including system databases like the ‘master’ database. This simplifies the task of moving databases from one instance of SQL Server to another by removing dependencies to other SQL Server databases.
  • Columnstore index – a new type of index for data warehouse type queries. Columnstore indexes can greatly reduce I/O and memory utilization on large queries.
  • Sequence object – an object that acts as a counter similar to SQL Server’s identity column, but is not restricted to a single table.
  • User-defined roles – a new role management system in SQL Server 2012 which allows users to create custom server roles.
Upgrading your DB Instances to SQL Server 2012 is as easy as pushing a button on the Amazon RDS Console or using the Command Line Interface. This new feature further enhances the many benefits Amazon RDS for SQL Server offers to Microsoft SQL Server customers including easy deployment, push button scalability, automated back-ups, point-in-time restore, automated software upgrades and patching, and pay-as-you-go flexibility.

For more information on upgrading your Amazon RDS for SQL Server DB Instances, please visit our Major Version Upgrade documentation.

To learn more about Amazon RDS for SQL Server, please visit the Amazon RDS for SQL Server detail page, our documentation and our FAQs.