Posted On: Sep 11, 2013

We are excited to announce the ability to migrate your Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) between Availability Zones in the same Region and between Network Platforms (to and from Amazon VPC).

RIs allow you to make a low, one-time payment to reserve compute capacity for a one- or three-year term and receive a significant discount on your hourly compute charges. Prior to this announcement, the Availability Zone you specified at the time of purchase would remain fixed for the duration of the RI term. Now, if you want to use your RIs in a different Availability Zone within the same region, you can easily request to migrate them. Also, if your account supports both EC2-Classic and EC2-VPC network platforms, you can request to migrate RIs between the two.

To get started modifying your RIs, please go to the Reserved Instances page of the EC2 Management Console. For more information about RIs and RI modifications, please refer to the RI user guide.