Posted On: Oct 30, 2013

We are pleased to announce that starting today, you can more quickly and easily find Amazon CloudWatch metrics in the AWS Management Console to view graphs, diagnose issues, and set alarms to be notified about your AWS resources and custom metrics. We’ve reduced load times, so now when you visit Amazon CloudWatch you can search for specific metrics and get results right away even if you have several thousand of them. You can now also browse all your metrics by category, making it easier to narrow down your search or discover new metrics.

To get started, log in to Amazon CloudWatch dashboard in the AWS Management Console. Simply type a term into the search box at the top of the page to begin, or click “Browse Metrics” to view a categorized listing. Then, to refine your search, add another term or simply click on a highlighted word in the results table. Once you found the metric(s) that interest you, click on it to view its graph, set an alarm, or create a bookmark.

To learn more about Amazon CloudWatch, please visit our detail page . To view a list of the AWS resources and metrics you can monitor, please view Supported AWS Services in the Amazon CloudWatch Developer Guide. For a walkthrough showing how to find and view metrics, check out Search for Available Metrics in the Amazon CloudWatch Developer Guide.