Posted On: Nov 8, 2013

We're excited to let you know that starting today you can use Amazon Elastic Transcoder to generate partial excerpts of content, or "clips," from your source media. This feature lets you transcode only a portion of your source media by specifying the start time and the duration for the clip that you want to transcode. This makes it easy to work with source media that might contain extraneous material at its beginning or end – a common occurrence in lectures, presentations as well as content containing broadcast graphics at the start of the file (like "slates" or clocks).

You can immediately get started with clip generation by using the Amazon Elastic Transcoder API or the AWS Management Console. There is no additional cost for using this feature - you only pay for the duration of the transcoded output at the current prices for audio, SD and HD transcoding.

To learn more about Amazon Elastic Transcoder and this new feature, please visit the detail page and documentation.