Posted On: Jan 29, 2014

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of EC2 Usage Reports, which are designed to make it easier for you to track and better manage your EC2 usage and spending. You can use these interactive usage reports to view your historical EC2 instance usage, and help you plan for future EC2 usage. There are currently two reports available:

  • EC2 Instance Usage Report – This report shows you your instance usage in instance hours or cost at the hourly, daily, or monthly grain. You can also filter or group the data by region, instance type, platform, tenancy, purchase option, consolidated account, or tags.
  • EC2 Reserved Instance Utilization Report – For previously purchased Reserved Instances, this report shows you the usage cost, total cost, and savings versus on-demand instance usage, as well as average and maximum utilization.

You can easily access these reports by visiting the Reports section of the billing console. You can customize the reports, and bookmark them for easy access in the future. For more information about the reports, see the EC2 Users Guide.