Posted On: Apr 8, 2014

We are excited to introduce Cost Explorer, a tool that lets you analyze your historical AWS spend data with a graphical interface. Cost Explorer provides you with interactive graphical reports, designed to make it easier for you to view and analyze your historical spend on AWS. The data behind these reports is updated daily, so that you can view the most up-to-date information about your spending.

Cost Explorer can be accessed from the AWS Management Console and you are provided with pre-configured views that show three common spend queries. These show your monthly spend broken down by AWS service, monthly spend broken down by linked account and total daily spend. You can further customize these preconfigured views to meet your needs, for example by customizing the time range you wish to view, view data at a monthly or daily grain or drill down further into your data based on services, linked accounts, and tags. You can also bookmark views to save custom settings for use in the future.

You can start using this tool, by going to the Cost Explorer tab in the billing section of the AWS Management Console. For more information about the reports, please see the Cost Explorer Documentation.