Posted On: May 6, 2014

We are excited to announce that Amazon SQS (SQS) now offers metadata for your messages (message attributes). With message attributes, you can separate the body of a message from the metadata that describes it. This allows you to route, process and store information with greater speed and intelligence because your applications no longer have to inspect an entire message before understanding what processing steps are necessary.

SQS message attributes are easy to use. Simply get the latest version of the AWS SDK and include up to 10 attributes per message when you call the SendMessageAPI. For example, if you wanted to include Geospatial coordinates as part of a message that is created when an end-user uploads a photo, you would define longitude and latitude attributes that are included as part of the message. You applications can then use that longitude and latitude information to do such things as update other users who may be in the same proximity.

SQS message attributes are available starting today in all AWS regions except for AWS GovCloud (US).

For more information about SQS Dead Letter Queues, please visit Jeff Barr's Blog, and the SQS Documentation. You can learn more about SQS at the SQS Detail Page.