Posted On: May 21, 2014

Starting today, AWS Trusted Advisor will help you monitor service usage for Amazon SES, Amazon VPC, and Auto Scaling, bringing the service coverage from four (Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, and Elastic Load Balancing) to seven. The Service Limits check alerts you if your usage goes over 80% of the default limit, so you can request a service limit increase ahead of time. You can review your Service Limits report in Trusted Advisor’s Performance category.

Amazon Simple Email Service
(Amazon SES)
Daily sending quota
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
(Amazon VPC)
Elastic IP Addresses (EIPs)
Internet Gateways
Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling groups
Launch configurations


AWS Trusted Advisor has become our customers’ frequently used optimization tool for cost, security, reliability, and performance configurations. In 2013, AWS customers have reviewed 1,000,000+ TA recommendations across categories, taken action to improve and protect their cloud deployment, and reduced spending by more than $207M.

You can also use AWS Trusted Advisor to check whether your AWS CloudTrail and logging information are correctly configured in accordance to our security best practices. We released the AWS CloudTrail Logging check in the Security category in March 2014, and it supports all regions that CloudTrail supports.

For more information about Trusted Advisor and descriptions of all 37 AWS best-practice recommendations, visit AWS Trusted Advisor.