Posted On: Jul 2, 2014

Starting today, you can now edit the parameters for your existing health checks - including target IP address or domain name, port, filename/path, and search string. Previously, to update a health check you had to delete the existing health check and create a new one with the desired changes. With editable health checks, you can change the parameters of your health checks, which removes the need to update your resource record sets. You will also not lose any CloudWatch history for your health checks.

You can now also use health check tagging to attach metadata to your health checks via tags. When you create a new health check, the Route 53 console allows you to enter a "Name" tag, and the console displays the "Name" tag in the list of your health checks. You can also add a "Name" tag to any of your existing health checks. The "Name" tag appears in the Route 53 console when you associate a health check with a resource record set. In addition, you can add other tags to your health checks (for example, owner, workflow, or cost center tags) that you can then use for cost allocation in your AWS billing statements.

Editable health checks and tagging support are available today at no additional cost. To learn more, visit the Route 53 product page or see our documentation.