Posted On: Jul 14, 2014

Annual subscriptions are now available for over 90 software products on AWS Marketplace, including offerings from top ISVs like Citrix, Barracuda, Fortinet and Tenable. You can save between 10%–40% over what you would pay using hourly pricing when you purchase an annual subscription for a software product that you use regularly for steady-state workloads. Annual subscriptions also enable you to better forecast your software expenses. Additionally, software bought under the annual subscription model can run in any AWS Region or Availability Zone.

Learn more by reading the blog post and FAQ.

To get started

  • Go to the AWS Marketplace website and search for the product you are interested in. Click on the product name to see more details. If the product offers annual subscriptions, you will find annual prices in the pricing box
  • Visit ‘Your Software’ page to check if your existing software is offering annual subscription (look for ‘Buy annual subscription’ button)