Posted On: Jul 16, 2014

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is excited to release new credential lifecycle management features that enable AWS account administrators to define and enforce security best practices for IAM users, at no additional cost.

We’ve expanded IAM password policies to enable self-service password rotation, on top of existing password complexity options. Now you can enforce automatic password expiration, prevent re-use of old passwords, and require a password reset upon next AWS sign in. Furthermore, you can download reports for better visibility into the status of your IAM users’ AWS security credentials such as passwords, access keys, MFA, and more. These enhancements are designed to help you comply with security standards such as PCI DSS v2.0, ISO 27001, and FedRAMP.

Get started today with IAM password policies or credential reports by visiting the IAM console. To learn more about these new features, visit the IAM user guide.