Posted On: Aug 28, 2014

The new resource APIs expose AWS resources such as EC2 instances and IAM users as Java objects with attributes that can be implicitly loaded from the service and actions that can be taken directly on the resource objects. While the SDK's current request-response APIs allow explicit and granular control over the network calls your application makes to AWS, using the new resource APIs can reduce development time by simplifying your code and giving you a more object-oriented way to work with your AWS resources.

Here's a quick example to demonstrate:

Instance instance = ec2.getInstance("i-xxxxxxx"); // Reference to an instance resource object
String instanceType = instance.getInstanceType(); // Retrieve attributes with implicit network calls
instance.stop(); // Take actions on the resource

The team plans to introduce resource objects for more services and expand the capabilities during the preview period. We encourage you to try out the new APIs and send us feedback via GitHub Issues.

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