Posted On: Sep 8, 2014

You can now deploy your Ruby-based Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF) applications through AWS OpsWorks, a service that deploys, operates, and automates applications of any shape or size.

With this functionality, you can use the AWS OpsWorks console or APIs to set up worker fleets and use advanced Amazon EC2 features such as load-based autoscaling for your workflows (background jobs) written with the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby.

You can simply use AWS OpsWorks to deploy cloud-based workflows instead of having to do so manually through the command line. From the OpsWorks console, you simply select an Amazon SWF Flow layer, point to your workflow code, configure the number of workers and a few other settings and click “Launch.”

AWS OpsWorks support for Amazon SWF is available starting today in all AWS regions.

For more information about Amazon SWF’s support for OpsWorks, please see the Amazon SWF Documentation for developing Ruby workflows. Visit our product detail page to learn more about Amazon SWF.