Posted On: Sep 29, 2014

We have extended AWS CloudFormation support for a few additional features of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Amazon CloudFront, AWS OpsWorks, and Amazon SNS.

CloudFormation now supports Elastic Load Balancing tags. These tags can help you organize your resources into groupings such as application names or projects. You can also use tags to make it easier to allocate costs and optimize spending. Read more about tagging.

You can now use CloudFormation to choose whether you want CloudFront, based on the header values, to forward headers to your origin and to cache separate versions of a specified object. Learn more about this feature here.

CloudFormation now allows you to specify whether you want OpsWorks to use a standard set of built-in security groups or your own custom security groups with a layer. Read more here. You can also use CloudFormation to specify whether to use Berkshelf to manage your custom cookbooks with OpsWorks. Learn more about Berkshelf.

You can now update Amazon SNS topic policies through CloudFormation. Previously, you could create topic policies with CloudFormation but could only modify the policies from the AWS Management Console. Amazon SNS is a fully managed push messaging service. Learn more here.

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