Posted On: Oct 1, 2014

Amazon Elastic Transcoder now has the ability to create and deliver videos that use the Smooth Streaming format with Amazon Elastic Transcoder and Amazon CloudFront. Smooth Streaming is an adaptive media protocol that delivers your media assets as small fragments over HTTP that can be consumed by platforms and devices such as Xbox, Windows Phone and browsers that use Microsoft Silverlight players. This means that you can now reach Smooth Streaming devices with the same easy workflows Elastic Transcoder already supports for iOS devices that use the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol common on Apple devices.

Amazon Elastic Transcoder outputs your media content in Smooth Streaming format to an Amazon S3 bucket. You can then easily deliver this content through a CDN like Amazon CloudFront to your end users with low latency and high data transfer speeds without the need for you to setup and manage third party media-streaming servers. To learn how to setup your CloudFront distribution to support Smooth Streaming, see Configuring On-Demand Smooth Streaming.

There are no additional charges for creating and delivering Smooth Streaming format media content. You pay the standard transcoding, storage and delivery rates.

To learn more, please see the blog post and documentation.