Posted On: Oct 14, 2014

The version 3 of the AWS SDK for PHP is now in developer preview.

The new version comes with significant performance improvements and a number of new features, which we hope will help developers code more efficiently and create exciting new applications. These features include

  • Asynchronous requests
  • Swappable HTTP adapters
  • Streamlined event system
  • Easy result querying with JMESPath syntax
  • Ability to bind default request parameters to clients
  • Response paginators

While the new version comes with many new features and benefits, it will provide a very familiar coding experience to anyone who has used the version 2. In fact, much of the code you would write to work with AWS services will remain the same. We encourage you to try out the new version and send us feedback via GitHub Issues.

Find out more at the AWS PHP Development Blog.

Install using Composer

     "require": {
             "aws/aws-sdk-php": "3.0.0-beta.1"

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