Posted On: Oct 21, 2014

You can now send a wider variety of data to Amazon CloudWatch Logs from your Amazon EC2 instances running Microsoft Windows Server. You can send any event log, Event Tracing (ETW) log, Performance Counters (PCW) data, or text-based log for inclusion in your CloudWatch metrics.

With CloudWatch Logs, you can monitor your EC2 for Windows systems and applications in near real-time using your existing log files. For example, if you want to centrally monitor EC2 instances running web servers, you can send PCW data to CloudWatch. Additionally, if you want to analyze or debug an application, you can send ETW logs. Finally, you can store and access your logs in CloudWatch for as long as you need, in highly durable, low-cost storage.

You will need the latest version of the EC2Config service software in order to take advantage of the new features. It is included in the latest Amazon Machine Images (AMI), running Microsoft Windows Server, or you can download and install it on existing instances. To learn more, or to get started with EC2 for Windows and CloudWatch Logs, visit our documentation page.