Posted On: Oct 21, 2014

The Amazon Kinesis team has released an update to the Amazon Kinesis Storm Spout. The Amazon Kinesis Storm Spout enables developers to use Amazon Kinesis with Storm, an open source, distributed real-time computation system. This update to the Spout supports Ack/Fail semantics. Specifically, the spout will now re-emit failed messages up to the customer configured retry limit. This makes it easier to build reliable data processing applications with Storm using Kinesis streams. This builds on the core functionality of the spout that fetches data from the Amazon Kinesis stream and emits it as tuples that Storm topologies can process. Developers can add the Spout to their existing Storm topologies, and leverage Amazon Kinesis as a reliable, scalable, stream capture, storage, and replay service that powers their Storm processing applications.

The updated Amazon Kinesis Storm Spout is on Github. For more information about Amazon Kinesis, please visit the product detail page, where you can learn more and watch a short introductory video that will explain the service.