Posted On: Oct 29, 2014

AWS Systems Manager for SCVMM lets you administer your AWS resources using SCVMM. Now you can monitor and manage your EC2 for Windows instances in the AWS Cloud, as well as on-premises virtual machines—from the SCVMM console.

AWS Systems Manager for SCVMM is available to download and install as an add-in to SCVMM. The add-in leverages AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to authenticate to Amazon EC2. Once setup, you can view all EC2 for Windows instances by region and availability zone, in addition to other hypervisors and environments already supported within SCVMM. You can use the SCVMM interface to perform common maintenance tasks such as restarting, stopping, and removing instances, as well as remotely accessing an instance using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

To get started, visit the documentation page and download Systems Manager for SCVMM here.

The Amazon EC2 for Windows Team