Amazon Route 53 Now Supports Private DNS With Amazon VPC

Posted on: Nov 5, 2014

You can now use Amazon Route 53, AWS's highly available and scalable DNS service, to easily manage your internal domain names with the same simplicity, security, and cost effectiveness that Route 53 already provides for external DNS names. You can use the Route 53 Private DNS feature to manage authoritative DNS within your Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), so you can use custom domain names for your internal AWS resources without exposing DNS data to the public Internet.

You can use Route 53 Private DNS to manage internal DNS hostnames for resources like application servers, database servers, and web servers. Route 53 will only respond to queries for these names when the queries originate from within the VPC(s) that you authorize. Using custom internal DNS names (rather than IP addresses or AWS-provided names such as has a variety of benefits, for example, being able to flip from one database to another just by changing the mapping of a domain name such as to point to a new IP address. Route 53 also supports split-view DNS, so you can configure public and private hosted zones to return different external and internal IP addresses for the same domain names.

To learn more, visit the Route 53 product page for full details and pricing, or see our documentation.