Posted On: Nov 24, 2014

You can now exchange encrypted media files with Amazon Elastic Transcoder. This enables you to use encrypted mezzanine files as input to Amazon Elastic Transcoder, or protect your transcoded files by letting the service encrypt the output. Supported options range from fully managed integration with Amazon S3's Server-Side Encryption, to keys that you manage on your own and protect using the new AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Furthermore, encryption support is not limited to your video files. You can protect thumbnails, captions, and even watermarks.

Using server-side encryption is as simple as setting the encryption mode when submitting a transcoding job. You may choose either S3-Managed keys or KMS-Managed keys. If you prefer to retain the keys yourself, you simply choose an encryption mode and pass KMS-protected copies of your keys.

There are no additional Elastic Transcoder charges for using these new encryption options. Standard AWS Key Management Service fees apply.

To learn more, please see our documentation.