Posted On: Dec 17, 2014

We’re excited to announce two new features in the AWS Management Console: Resource Groups and Tag Editor. Use these features today to easily find and organize resources.

With Resource Groups, you can easily view and access a collection of resources that share common tags. Quickly navigate to each saved resource group using the new “AWS” menu. Streamline your use of the console by creating a resource group for each application, service, or collection of related resources that you work with regularly. Resource Groups are specific to each identity, so each user in an account can create unique resource groups for frequently accessed resources and common tasks. Users can also generate a URL to share a resource group’s settings with others in the same account.

With Tag Editor, you can easily manage tags for all resource types that support tags in any region. Use Tag Editor to apply tag keys and values to multiple resources at once. Tag Editor supports global tag search and bulk editing, so it is easy to find all resources with a particular tag or edit tags for multiple resources with just a few clicks.

Start using Resource Groups today at To learn more about the new features, read our documentation. Let us know how you use Resource Groups and tell us what features you would like to see by using the Feedback button at the bottom of the page.