Posted On: Dec 18, 2014

The AWS Console mobile app now supports AWS Elastic Beanstalk, enabling customers to view and manage Elastic Beanstalk application environments from a mobile device. Download the app now from Amazon Appstore, Google Play, and iTunes.

Use the app to view the status and health of your AWS Elastic Beanstalk resources on your mobile device. App users can now view applications and environment details, including configurations, events, metrics, and alarms. The latest update also adds support for management functions, including the ability to deploy previously uploaded application versions to an environment, swap environment CNAMEs, restart environment app servers, and terminate environment.

The app features support for EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon S3, Amazon Relational Database Service, Route 53 Hosted Zones, Auto Scaling, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS OpsWorks, CloudWatch, and the Service Health Dashboard. The app lets you authenticate several identities, so you can easily switch between multiple accounts and check on the health of your resources while away from the computer.

Let us know how you use the app and tell us what features you’d like to see by using the feedback link in the app’s menu.