Posted On: Mar 5, 2015

We are excited to announce the availability of two new features for Amazon CloudSearch: domain metrics through Amazon CloudWatch and index field statistics.

You can now use Amazon CloudSearch domain metrics to make scaling decisions, troubleshoot issues, and better manage your search clusters. Amazon CloudSearch publishes the following four metrics into Amazon CloudWatch:

  • SuccessfulRequests – Number of search requests successfully processed by the search instance
  • SearchableDocuments – Number of documents available in the search index
  • IndexUtilization – Index storage utilization rate of the search instance
  • Partitions – Number of partitions available in the search index

You can start using these metrics today, at no additional cost and in all regions where Amazon CloudSearch is available. If you set alarms on the metrics, you will be billed at standard CloudWatch rates. To learn more about Amazon CloudSearch domain metrics, see Monitoring an Amazon CloudSearch Domain with Amazon CloudWatch in the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide.

In addition, you can now get aggregate field statistics along with the search results. With field statistics, you can perform charting and analytics without additional post-processing. This feature gives you functionality similar to the Apache Solr Stats component. Field statistics are available only for facet-enabled numeric fields. You can get the following statistics: count, min, max, mean, missing, stddev, sum, and sumOfSquares. To learn more about index field statistics, see Getting Statistics for Numeric Fields in Amazon CloudSearch in the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide.

Amazon CloudSearch is a fully managed service that makes it easy to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for your website or application. To get started, open the AWS Management Console and begin your 30-day free trial. To learn more about recently released features, see the Amazon CloudSearch Developer Guide. Share your thoughts on these and any additional features you'd like to see in the CloudSearch forum. We appreciate your feedback, and we use it to help us prioritize upcoming features.