Posted On: Mar 24, 2015

You can now deploy and manage multiple Docker containers in a single AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment. We introduced Docker support on Elastic Beanstalk in April 2014 and have since then introduced many different Docker based Elastic Beanstalk environments (i.e., Go, GlassFish, Python).

With this new feature, AWS Elastic Beanstalk will help you provision an Amazon EC2 Container Service cluster along with the rest of your infrastructure stack (e.g., Elastic Load Balancing, CloudWatch, etc). You can create a file (specifies which container images are to be deployed, CPU and memory requirements, port mappings, and container links), upload the file, and Elastic Beanstalk will schedule your containers across a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances and also monitor the health of each container. This feature will allow you to easily deploy and scale containerized web applications and avoid the complexities of provisioning the underlying infrastructure.

Please see our documentation for more information on this feature.

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